[Download] Oh Yikes! History's Grossest Moments By Joy Masoff

Oh Yikes! History's Grossest Moments

By: Joy Masoff
Narrated by: Johnny Heller
Length: 1 hour
Release date: Jun 23, 2008
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History is chock full of characters and events that could turn your hair white. From rampaging pirates to raunchy monarchs, Oh Yikes! has thrilling stories to spare about history's wildest, scariest moments.

Did you know the Aztecs performed many human sacrifices? And that's not all—did you know that Christopher Columbus didn't just discover the New World so that your local car dealer could have a major sale? He was actually looking for spices. Instead he ended up enslaving and killing the natives he met. And there's plenty more madness and mayhem to be found as you explore the samurai world of ancient Japan, pirates on the high seas, and perhaps history's most notorious womanizing monarch, Henry VIII.

Joy Masoff, the author of the perennial best-seller Oh, Yuck!, engages young readers with subjects that undeniably appeal to them—the bizarre, the gross, and the just plain nasty. Acclaimed narrator Johnny Heller gleefully reads this humorous and informative collection of odd tales.

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