[Download] Of Superior Design By Matt Rogers

Of Superior Design

By: Matt Rogers
Length: 439 pages
Release date: Sep 13, 2013
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With the birth of Daemon a new breed emerged and Heaven's question answered. They had been warring with Hell since the beginning of time using surrogate soldiers in their stead. Earth was an experiment; a testing ground to see if Mother Nature could improve on Heavenly technology.Designed with cellular perfection, the need to dominate and an absence of fear the Superiors were the solution; the answer to Hell's Hoard.
The family of LeTorque had taken control of Third Clan, preparing to fulfill their destiny and unite all. They were led by a Vampire mated to a Wolf who had a unique problem; he was under a death sentence issued by his murderous twin, the ruler of Second Clan, Yin.
Yang was twin in name only for he was a supplicant; an Inferior who had given all superior traits to his brother in order to survive birth. He was a Cloak. His blood hid his scent from others of his kind and if any bonded with him they too recieved his talent. In the world of Superiors scent reigned supreme for it seperated them from the other dominant species on the planet; the physically inferior but numerically superior Humans.
When Daemon was born a question emerged. If he was the answer, what was their purpose? What use were they when the solution had been found?

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