[Download] Not In My Perfect Mind By Terry Connors

Not In My Perfect Mind

By: Terry Connors
Length: 175 pages
Release date: Dec 16, 2013
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Terry and Yvonne Connors were living a perfectly normal life, with a normal nuclear family of one daughter and one son, in an ordinary three-bedroom house in a quiet English village.
That is ... until the day their 18-year-old son Ben refused to go to work, for no apparent reason. He was eventually diagnosed with a severe mental illness. And no one would ever look at him in the same way again. Even though, beneath it all, he was the same, easy-going, lovable Ben.
It’s a moving story of despair and tears. And then hope and laughter. There are the Great Escapes, as Ben slips unseen from hospital and then his carer. The time he catches a train to London, checks into a posh hotel, and enjoys a bowl of fruit and a hot bath before his bank card is rejected; the dead-of-night he battles along an old overgrown track to get home, sploshing through a stream, and narrowly missing a dangerous little ravine, just in case the NHS had unleashed its tracker dogs.

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