[Download] New Beginnings (#3, Duster and a Gun) By Gregory Blackman

New Beginnings (#3, Duster and a Gun)

By: Gregory Blackman
Length: 154 pages
Release date: Dec 20, 2013
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Duster and a Gun:
In 1447, history was rewritten when the Vatican was swallowed whole by the fiery pits of Hell. Demons, ghouls and other unspeakable horrors descended upon the land, preying on humanity; caught in the middle of a battle they knew nothing about. And so began a perpetual dark age, where ones worth was valued on how well they handle themselves in a fight. Pursuits such as peace and equal rights were put on hold, for larger firearms and the tightening of dictatorships. It was truly Hell on Earth, and Heaven didn’t seem to care in the least. By the year 2015, it was a perverse world of science, where the hydrogen bomb and steam-powered locomotive exist in unison, corrupted by the will of the supernatural. The Industrial revolution is in full swing, and the only thing faster than the rise of the USA is the inner turmoil that threatens to bring it all apart from the shadows.

New Beginnings:
Horace has vanquished the beast known as the Abaddon, but now finds the removal of one obstacle has only opened the floodgates to a great deal more. If dealing with cutthroats and demons wasn’t hard enough, Horace and company are about to deal with the looming threat of the Order. Horace’s location has been revealed by the powers that be and they won’t stop coming until they uncover the truth of Horace’s lost years. He’s going to need all the friends he can get for the coming battle, because war is coming and it’s going to be hell.

Warning: This eBook contains graphic imagery and coarse language.

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