[Download] Never Be Unsaid By Perry Gamsby

Never Be Unsaid

By: Perry Gamsby
Length: 319 pages
Release date: Dec 24, 2013
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Who would have thought the Global Financial Crises, a lesbian wife and a suicidal boss would give car salesman by day, writer by night, Scott Straub, the chance he needed to live his dream? To join his fellow car selling, story writing, Aussie mate Greg Kinnear and retreat to the Outback to do what they were born to do; to write. If only dreams came true exactly as they should!
This is a story about friendship, faith and feelings. It is about applied truth as we know it in the real world, a world where you can’t help falling in love with your best mate’s mate, changing your destiny with the stroke of a nipple and the click of a mouse. A story about how you can be forgiven for the things you do, but never for the things you say because something once said, can never be unsaid.
What do these all too real characters have to say to each other that is so electric, so explosive it will change everyone’s lives, forever?

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