[Download] Neshama: The Joy of Living By Ruth James

Neshama: The Joy of Living

By: Ruth James
Length: 558 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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Neshama – The Joy of Living [Neshama –a word given by God,
meaning soul or breath in Hebrew]

‘The Joy of Living’ is the title used throughout the writing of this book; it is written in the third person with God. All that has been written is directed by Him and throughout are His given words and statements [written in bold type] together with references from the Bible [written in italic type] not only for the author to benefit but for the reader also.

One of the underlying threads which run through the book is perceiving His call and accepting the voice of God, how it is different from our inner voice. Continually His words and statements challenge the way our lives are lived and draw the reader into the very heart of coming to know unity with our Heavenly Father. It is through this understanding which God drew the writer into knowing a far greater love beyond comprehension.
Once the knowledge of His voice has been realized the book shows how an inner need within our soul desires to have an in-depth relationship with the soul creator of our life. ‘The Joy of Living’ is the excitement of knowing unity with the Lord and although at times challenging there is also a lighter side of understanding our creator, a God of humour. The depth of receiving the written visions takes one into an abyss of their soul by portraying life beyond our physical existence.

In various parts the book denotes how lives have been changed through God’s named charity, ‘Aim for Change’ which is working in Uganda and Pakistan, giving an understanding of how knowing God’s call and wisdom has had an impact on poverty, disease and for those living in a dire existence through no fault of their own, by bringing a future hope where there was previously none in very rural areas of Pakistan and bush regions of Uganda.

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