[Download] Mrs God By Mark Evans

Mrs God

By: Mark Evans
Length: 369 pages
Release date: Dec 21, 2013
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She is the first creation: immortal ... irreverent. She spends aeons in the Void with Him. Then He creates light and life. She loses Him to the universe. She spends her endless days spinning between the nothingness of the Void and the joys of Heaven. But after the rise of Man and the fall of angels, there are dark clouds in Heaven. She feels Paradise is lost.
Banished by the archangels as a traitor, she seeks vengeance on mankind, to destroy the beings that have caused her fall. However, when she saves the life of a baby girl who was destined to be murdered in a demonic plot, both of them are caught in the middle of the epic war between good and evil.
Heaven and Hell want them dead. Can humanity save them?

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