[Download] Mount Dragon By Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child

Mount Dragon

By: Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child
Narrated by: David Colacci
Length: 15 hours
Release date: Mar 7, 2008
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (342 votes, average: 3.50 out of 5)

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Guy Carson is a brilliant scientist at GeneDyne, one of the world's foremost biochemical companies. When he is transferred to Mount Dragon, GeneDyne's high-security genetic engineering lab, his good fortune seems too good to be true.

Carson soon finds that it is. He learns that GeneDyne geneticists are tinkering with a common virus with an eye on the enormous profit to be had from a cure for the flu. Their cure involves permanently altering DNA in humans, and Carson's job is to stabilize the virus. But Carson starts to wonder if this is justifiable, even for the most noble medical cause. Altering genes is a risky job, and the possibility of creating another killer virus is very real. What's more, Mount Dragon harbors another secret that puts the world at horrifying risk.
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70 Responses to “[Download] Mount Dragon By Douglas Preston, Lincoln Child”

  1. Florance G.

    volume problems
    the story was fine, but the volume jumped all over thr place. for some characters voices, the narrator barely whispered, while at other times the sound was much too loud. I had to constantly adjust the volume.

  2. E

    Great look horrible recording!
    Out of the 300 books that I have listen to through service this one was by far the worst recorded The book is well written and the plot line is exciting too bad we had to put up with the audio problems

  3. Phil Petrulis

    Listenable…not earth shattering
    Looking for a protracted potato chip read? This is it. Easy to listen to…pleasing characters and a few wonderful moments. Overall an interesting book. No surprises…no new ground broken. It is exactly what you are led to expect from the synopsis.

  4. Tynisha Mcgibboney

    Great book. So so narration.
    I loved the personalities and the plot, although straight forward, was interesting. The only thing I wasn’t too keen on was the narration. While his voice quality and tone are great, the narrators change in volume made it difficult for me to catch it all. If I turned it up, then the next section was too loud. I’m sure there are many mature fans of these authors out there who’s ears may not be as sharp!

  5. Jason Pinon

    excellent story.
    The writers craft a story both intricate and tight. I am particularly grateful for the character Mime, who is developed beyond stereotypes.

  6. Isaias Rellama

    Pretty Neat Book
    If you could sum up Mount Dragon in three words, what would they be?

  7. Krystal Ferrand

    a good read
    I enjoyed this book. The author obviously did tons of research into the storyline and the geography surroung the location of the story. This type of in depth research makes the story interesting and fun to read.

  8. Rick Drouin

    This book wasn’t for you, but who do you think might enjoy it more?

  9. Edward R.

    Serious Terror.
    A modern day “What if this really happened” type of story.

  10. Shelby Filipek

    Not Their Best Effort
    Lincoln Child, when writing solo, tends to have difficulty bringing a story to closure. I will love the first 90% of one of his books, and then the story will go on and on for a bit, dragging out the resolution. So I went into Mount Dragon fully prepared for that. However, with this book I found that all the story of interest to me was in the first half to two-thirds of the book. The whole survival in the desert and Scopes vs Levine “battle” were like a never-ending bore. I tried listening on a fast speed. Then I tried skipping ahead 30 seconds at a time. I finally bailed with an hour left in the book. At that point, I didn’t care how it ended.

  11. Denise

    Audio Quality is Terrible, Book is Excellent
    What could have made this a 4 or 5-star listening experience for you?

  12. Elinor Joice

    Great listen!
    I can certainly understand why many people might not enjoy this book, but I found it suspenseful, well paced and very entertaining. I know that some of the technical aspects were a bit of a stretch but I expect a good fiction novel to indulge in a bit of fantasy as long as it doesn’t insult my intellegence, which this did not. Having vacationed in the New Mexican desert, their description of the characters travels made me feel as if I were there watching it for myself. The different accents used by the narrator, while mildly exaggerated, helped me to avoid confusing the characters unlike more monotone narrators can do. All in all, for me – a great listen!

  13. Troy Brown

    Preston and Child deliver again!
    Another well researched novel. I always enjoy trying to match up the fiction to the reality of locations.

  14. Rashida M.

    Good thriller
    Love the science aspects of the story and the location
    Story unfolds well
    Narrator has a strong rounded southwest tone but does not do women speaking very well

  15. Clorinda S.

    Not impressed
    What would have made Mount Dragon better?

  16. Lacey Quant

    Worthy Listen if a bit hitchy
    Mount Dragon is a nice little Summer listen if you want something light, yet somewhat compelling. The story is fairly straightforward, although many plotlines are forced on the reader at times. The character development is largely based on common life role stereotypes (Western Cowboy, etc), which is simple for the listener, but leaves a bit to be desired in the end.

    While some story details are rushed and many technical details wildly unrealistic, the authors are surprisingly able to maintain a stable suspension of disbelief through the book. The flow of the story can be hitchy at times, though, so be prepared for a few starts and stops across the storylines.

    The narrator’s performance is solid, but was largely limited by the simplicity of the characters.

    It’s a nice little listen.

  17. Trevor Mctee

    desert ,bugs and nerds
    i staggered a bit with this one, at first too much science raving, but then it developed into an interesting story with a few surprises. worth a read but probably only once for me

  18. Autumn

    Liked the first half
    I liked the first half of this novel, but the second half was one big long boring chase scene. I was also a tad bored with the author’s soapboxing re: genetic engineering. It would’ve been more interesting if the characters had succeeded in genetically revising humanity’s germ cells rather than just debating the ethics of such.

    It started off with a bang and ended up being standard potboiler fare.

  19. Mitchell Burns

    Not there best work
    I just finished thunderhead and loved it, so I moved on to some more and wasn’t exactly Happy with this one, it really sags in the middle. Too much walking in the dessert, and a really silly portion about a guy walking around some cyberspace. It starts good and has a decent end, but Preston and child have a lot better.

  20. Jessia Darga

    interesting… this story does not Drag-on
    Medical research, successful computer programs, life in an industrialized setting all could make boring reading but in this reality create a listenable story. Good job Preston and Child. It was especially noteworthy as they described a guitar/banjo duet I love it. Mount Dragon is not the best of their books but I believe it was a good summer read.

  21. Michael J. Hardee

    Great Story!
    This was my first book by Douglas Preston and I truly enjoyed the great story line and the character development. I didn’t want the story to end!

  22. Janessa Emberson

    Interesting but too cowboyish at times
    Would you listen to Mount Dragon again? Why?

  23. Carman Sellman

    Good Beginning, but it Got Looooong and Slow
    The premise of this story was intriguing. . . and that’s about the best thing I can offer. This one was about twice as long as it needed to be, especially the arduous, never-ending horse ride through the desert lava fields. I was desperate to see the finish of the story in sight! In all, there was so much redundancy in the story telling — and very little, if any mystery at all! Anyone could predict the outcome for all the characters. . . none of whom were at all endearing. Average read or below, I think.

  24. Kelle Crandell

    Boring story and hard to listen to narration…
    The story was boring and predictable but the narration was worse. I found myself listening with one hand constantly adjusting the volume, sometimes it was too loud and other times I could barely make out what was being said. It would have been better if, instead of trying to sound as if they were in protective suits, the narrator just spoke normally.

  25. Devona Bidez

    Not Up to Par for Preston/Child
    Would you recommend this book to a friend? Why or why not?

  26. Traci Jenious

    Don’t waste your time
    I’m a huge Child/Preston fan and have loved almost everything!! Was so excited to have this one next on my list, and yet…. and yet. Sooo disappointed!!! The narration is terrible and I tried so hard to just focus on the story but halfway through I find I still have no clue because I can’t sink in. Returned this one feeling like if it were in the hands of scott brick or frank muller what a different experience it would have been. Will stick with my heroes from now on regardless of the author.

  27. Chris R.

    Technically flawed
    The ending credits state that this book had 3 technical advisors, but unfortunately the book still had many technical flaws. The reader is expected to believe plot setups that are totally out of character with the rest of the book. The story seesaws between overly technical details and transparently planted situations with no technical backup. Narration is reasonable, but the characters are so stereotyped that it seems they were invented specifically for narration. From the Texas drawl of the male lead to the British accent of the security chief, one wonders if the narrator invented these aspects of each character specifically because they were capable of the accented delivery. The premise of the story is very good, but the author fails to capture the full potential.

  28. Hank Dad

    Ridiculous narration spoils interesting story
    Is there anything you would change about this book?

  29. sean

    Jus t so so
    Neither character was likable. It was a kind of quickly thrown together book…..meh …just so so

  30. Kacy Buxbaum

    Good story, average audio.
    Would you consider the audio edition of Mount Dragon to be better than the print version?

  31. Casey

    One of my favorites
    This has been one of my favorite books that I have listened to since being a member of service.

  32. Rebecca

    Loved the story! Did NOT love the narrator!
    I enjoy all my Preston/Child books so far and have liked all the narrators…except for this one! My only complaint, albeit a strong one, is the drastic change in volume. Man voice = loud. Woman voice = difficult to hear. Rise and fall of volume had nothing to do with the action or intensity.
    My relatively peaceful disposition wanted to throw the digital book across the room. It was at times painful. I kept hoping for the last chapter because I absolutely cannot NOT finish a good story.
    I would encourage the narrator to work on his execution and keep in mind that the story and the listener’s imagination should carry the character shifts not volume.

  33. Brendan

    pretty bad
    The novel is pretty awful. The most annoying thing is the narration. Terrible accents deliver trite dialogue, and the narrator goes from very quiet to almost a yell which makes it very difficult to listen to while driving.

    The story itself isn’t that wonderful (though mildly entertaining at times) and the characters are what happens when you put in two parts stereotype and zero parts anything else.

  34. Lezlie Chace

    Very much enjoyed the listen!
    What did you love best about Mount Dragon?

  35. Cythia Liston

    I was only able to download a partial recording of this book, very disapointed in the lackof concern in emails (unanswered) and phone calls. I don’t regard this website as trustworthy.

    Tom P. Wilson

  36. Omega Dela

    I felt the lead female character was irritating and grating. Made it hard to enjoy story.

  37. Rosario S.

    As always great thriller
    Once again Preston and Childs kept me on the edge of my seat holding my breath all the way through. What I like about their novels is they grab your attention right from the jump and hold your hand while you fall. To the epilogue where you are catching your breath. This wasn’t the most thrilling if their stories but there was a lot of twist and turns to keep you involved.

  38. Eileen W.

    Loved it!
    Loved the story and the attention to details. This is the second time I listened to it and it still was a pleasure.

  39. Nella K.

    Scary and realistic
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  40. Cassi Tinin

    Not their best, but worth reading
    The volume changes by the narrator bothered me. The story was pretty good, but I thought the characters were a little weak. There might have been too many coincidental in the plot, but it was still fun.

  41. Archie Friemering

    Liked this one.
    I liked this one, and being a PC Tech 4 tier support person both hardware and soft it was kinda fun to see something that one could only wish for.
    The story line was good and enjoyed the narration.
    This is a good read/listen.

  42. Tenisha Ebrani

    Mount Drag-on.
    I started to listen to this story, but it was kind of a bore. I figured maybe I’m not in the mood for this type of book so I set it aside for a while. I figured it was me since there were so many great reviews. But even after waiting a while I still didn’t like it. I was not a fan of the characters, I felt like Carson was a racist/chauvinist which may have only been a first impression. Not sure if he gets better because I didn’t finish this book. Plus all the rest of the characters were all cookie cutter stereotypes. Also I didn’t like what they did to the chimps that was hard to listen too. I’m not an animal activist, but I don’t believe animals should have to endure the cruelty of being a test subject. I think part of the boringness came from the fact there were so many storylines but none really interested me. While I like both of this authors I haven’t loved everything they have done. But some of the stuff they come up with is awesome. I loved The Codex, Tyrannosaur Canyon by Preston and Terminal Freeze, Deep Storm by Child. Together I really liked the first 5 books in the Pendergast story, but the series lost me at Brimstone it also started to bore me. Narrator was alright, no complains.

  43. Else Schustrich

    Another Great Story!
    I thoroughly enjoyed this multi-layered suspense thriller. The narrator did an excellent job with the characterizations and pacing. How can you miss with a story by Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child?!

  44. Rochel Pafel

    terrible listen
    tried multiple times to listen. narrator was awful.
    story sluggish.
    would like to return it.

  45. Lee D.

    Very silly book
    What did you like best about Mount Dragon? What did you like least?

  46. Joella Dluhy

    Way too technical
    Dissatisfied, not the usual from these writers. I couldn’t wait for it to finish! Hope for better next time, bummer

  47. Riley Granato

    It took time to get the plot rolling,!!!
    Although somewhat slow to start, the story began to gain momentum. The ending was somewhat shocking as well, but it was predictable from the standpoint that these 2 authors are notorious for ending things with a unexpected twist!!! A good read….

  48. Despina Dutra

    Great book !!
    Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child have never written a bad book !! together or separate. Read them all !! you won’t be disappointed! !

  49. Fernando Gayler

    Two stories in one
    Mount Dragon is essentially two genres in one — first, it’s a medical thriller and a pretty interesting one at that. About two thirds of the way through, however, the book takes a different turn and becomes an archaeology/adventure novel with western slant.

    Having said that, both sections of the story are actually quite an interesting listen, although reader David Colacci is the real problem here.

    Colacci’s reading tends to have quite major changes in volume — going from suddenly loud to occasionally so low in volume that I had to rewind and turn up the volume just to hear what was said, resulting in an ear-splitting jump when the volume goes up again later.

  50. Lili B.

    Almost Great
    What three words best describe David Colacci’s performance?

  51. Kathy

    Not very original
    This book started off with a great premise and then proceeded to include every clichéd plot line possible. I wouldn’t recommend it.

  52. Mei Harlin

    Great Story, Poor Narration
    What did you love best about Mount Dragon?

  53. Jayson F.

    Crichton-esque, pretty decent
    OK story, reminded me of Andromeda Strain. It’s a beach book, not much substance, but it was entertaining.

  54. Kairiin

    Very good
    Interesting exploration of a unique subject. I enjoyed the juxtaposition of high and low tech, futuristic and ancient story lines.

  55. Inez Mccullen

    Interesting listen after the swine flu epidemic
    It was scary to listen to this book after the swine flu and the bird flu epidemic. It felt like reading a prophecy. Fortunately these epidemics didn’t kill most of the Earth’s population as Mount Dragon predicted it could happen.

    The story has several layers. One of them is the question: should scientists tinker with the human genome, alter our genes and change the core of our humanity for good. There are arguments pro and con, everyone should answer it for himself/herself. But the question is worth to talk about.

    Another layer is the human desire for money and power. I also would add the human desire to do good. It was satisfying to see that the top guy admitted his mistake at the end and went down with dignity.

    Another layer is that it’s an action book with suspense and chase and fight. I liked that the main character is not an exaggerated super hero but a regular capable guy. OK, not so regular that you can find one at every corner, because he has a PhD and he’s smart, but he has the temper and flaws that anyone of us has. By the way, the characterisation is quite good. I liked that the bad guy wasn’t ultimate villain, but the authors showed the shades of his personality together with his good intentions.

    The book proves that the authors did their housework in research. The places described vividly, the science is awesome and there are so many nice details about smaller things (for example about the banjo, or the horses). However they are not overdone, they fit very well into the story and they make it more believable.

    The narration was well done except that doing female voices is not David Colacci’s strength.

    This my first book from Douglas Preston and Lincoln Child, but I will read / listen to more from them for sure.

  56. David Rulnick

    Loose on science and tech, but good for its time.
    The main character was excellently developed, and it had a fairly strong plot, although it changed gears on me at the end and fell short. As someone deeply entrenched in the biological sciences, i love a good bio thriller although unfortunately the science must be top-notch in order for me to buy it– this one just didn’t quite cut it for me. Still, kept me reading to the end, which is saying something. Meh.

  57. Cordell Feagans

    loved the book
    great story, keep up the good work. I’ll be reading them eagerly. you each time manage to excite my imagination

  58. Luciana Oberpriller

    Excellent except for lame ending
    Would you consider the audio edition of Mount Dragon to be better than the print version?

  59. Jame B.

    good story with a few holes
    the theme is quite interesting but the research lacks a bit. at the end the author rushed obviously to the end to meet the deadline….

  60. Macy Toren

    Formulaic, but entertaining
    What did you like best about Mount Dragon? What did you like least?

  61. Tera Slaton

    Pretty technical at times
    Overall, I thought this was a good story and definitely glad I downloaded it; however, it really got technical at times and seemed “pitchy” with storylines flailing in directions that took away from the the main plot. For example, the entire trip into the desert just didn’t seem needed. You know the authors did quite a bit of research. Maybe it was the authors’ intention, but the narrator also made everyone seem so angry and sarcastic.

  62. Dirk Apostol

    Pretty good yarn, but the female lead is tiresome
    Would you listen to Mount Dragon again? Why?

  63. Jill

    Entertaining and Predictable
    What did you like best about Mount Dragon? What did you like least?

  64. Tona M.

    bad narrator
    sorry to say but i usually like child and preston books but the narrator just wasn’t doing it for me. stopped listening after about an hour of the book and moved on to another

  65. Shakia Deschner

    Great Book
    I enjoyed everything about this book- from the actual story to the narrator. I really enjoy SciFi virus-type stories and this was right up my alley. I don’t think it was too technical or not technical enough. If you want a good listen- these authors generally don’t let you down.

  66. Nancy

    Excellent listen
    Loved this intrigue. Interesting topic as it could actually happen. Twist to the end.
    The Preston books never disappoint me.

  67. Tad Sauls

    Another great story by these two.
    Would you listen to Mount Dragon again? Why?

  68. Lou Cutty

    A Thinking Man’s Thriller
    I liked this 2008 work by Preston and Child. The plot was a bit freighted with bio-tech and IT jargon before hitting air speed about 1/3 of the way in. It’s an exciting story, with unpredictable plot twists and an all-too-frightening resemblance to our modern world. If the reader is willing to devote time and patience as the book sets up, the subsequent ride is well worth the effort.

    With a few exceptions, the protagonist Guy Carson and his friends and foes are well- placed, believable characters deftly manipulated by the authors to maximum effect. The sole exception is Guy’s female sidekick, whose ethnic rants and extraneous social commentary were an irritating distraction after a while.

    All in all, a great book and a good read too by David Colacci.

  69. Bo Job

    Voice level
    The audio level was too variable. Some characters too soft to hear. I had to keep changing the volume and going back to hear it then another character would be too loud and I would have to turn it down.
    I have NEVER had this issue before with your books.

  70. Sherry J.

    A bit tiresome in the scientific language
    Endless descriptions, thin on plot, characters well-drawn. I thought it was not up to their usual standard.

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