[Download] Misty Blue: The Last Mountain Man By Tony Masero

Misty Blue: The Last Mountain Man

By: Tony Masero
Length: 171 pages
Release date: Sep 23, 2013
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‘Listen people. I’ve killed everything from ram goat to grizzly bear and eaten most things that crawl on this earth. I’ve travelled the Rocky Mountains from Big River to the Great Lakes. Lived with Indians and lived alone.... and liked the latter better. Fought off timber wolves, pissed on forest fires, ridden rapids naked on a tree limb and gotten so drunk it took a year to sleep it off. I’ve slept with wild cats and wrestled with vipers. You think killing a man bothers me?’

Montana 1867
Misty Blue came down after twenty years in the mountains to find he never knew they’d even had a war on down there in what posed as civilization. The war was over now but that didn’t trouble Misty, he was about to start another one all of his own.
Commissioned by a wealthy rancher’s widow, Misty finds himself on a mission below the border where a lunatic with a taste for pure havoc runs things.
Guided by an ex-Confederate old timer who knows the ground and accompanied by a resourceful redheaded firebrand with attitude and a foul mouth. Misty forges a violent and bloody path through the warlord’s territory with no more than a tomahawk, Colt and Springfield rifle to see him through.
The brutal warlord keeps house in some strange ways and has his own weird army fashioned to bizarre principles. But they are about to confront two hundred pounds of living grief and enter a world of pain they never knew existed, that is, until they met the man called Misty Blue – truly, the last of the old time Mountain Men.

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