[Download] Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth By Giando Sigurani

Mister Mercury: A Modern Greek Myth

By: Giando Sigurani
Length: 545 pages
Release date: Jan 15, 2014
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The Hellenistic age was a glorious time for Hermes, Greek Messenger of the Gods. When he wasn't delivering messages across empires or escorting the dead to the underworld, he was humiliating his fellow gods with spectacular feats of trickery and slaying monsters that wouldn't be out of place in the nightmares of other monsters.

But after a particularly regretful series of mistakes, Hermes finds himself banished from Mount Olympus for thousands of years. Even more unfortunately, on his inglorious return, he learns that the gods have been all but forgotten by humankind, that his home in the heavens has crumbled to dust, and that his fellow immortals have been scattered about the globe in a futile effort to find their niche. As a final insult, a certain son of Zeus has stolen all the glory by starting an obscenely popular religion with a very strict “No Other Gods Before Me” rule.

But Hermes won't back down so easily. He's come up with a way to bring the gods back to their former glory that won't even start any holy wars in the process. As the finest trickster on Olympus, it falls upon him- and a snobby British comic shop owner- to pull off the greatest scheme in human history.

Hermes is donning his winged sandals once again, adding a cape, some shiny new armor, and a completely misunderstood leather skirt. As Mister Mercury, caped hero, he fights not for freedom, not for justice, but to put the Fear of the Gods back into the hearts of mortals everywhere-- whether they realize it or not.

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