[Download] Mist Revealed By Lyn Rose

Mist Revealed

By: Lyn Rose
Length: 135 pages
Release date: Sep 11, 2013
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What would happen to the legend of Avalon if the great King Arthur were to fall?
Arthur is returned to Avalon after a battle with Mordred left him wounded and fighting for life. As he sleeps hidden away in his chambers, he is unaware that the walls of Camelot are crumbling down around him. It is all because of his devoted sister’s spell.
Merlin knows the kingdom he and Vivianne had worked so hard to build would be reduced to ruins before long without a king, but they had different ideas about who that king should be.
Merlin finds himself having to choose between his king and his love, but after feeling betrayed by Vivianne, his choice becomes easier. He binds her powers and banishes her to the human plane to live the rest of her existence away from the only home she ever knew.
Over time, Camelot becomes legend and Anne adapts to living a human life in Key West, Florida. She is left mundane and powerless. Once she was the High Priestess of Avalon, now she’s a waitress just trying to get by.
Sixty years later, Camelot has only gotten worse and it is up to Merlin to find Vivianne and bring her back to Avalon to restore balance and order. To regain Anne’s trust, Merlin will have to dig deep within himself and find a way to save their love. But will it be enough to save Avalon?

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