[Download] Misleading Lord Martineau By Ginny Hartman

Misleading Lord Martineau

By: Ginny Hartman
Length: 238 pages
Release date: Sep 21, 2013
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Her memory haunts his dreams...

Elliot Martineau has spent the last four years mourning the loss of his one true love, Lady Felicity Pemberton. Ever since her mysterious disappearance the night after he proclaimed his love to her he has hidden himself behind a facade of arrogant repartee, never letting anybody get too close to his embittered heart. He knows he could never love another the way he loved Felicity and though he's tried to erase her memory from his heart, it is to no avail.

When Felicity Pemberton returns to London after a painfully long absence, it is with great trepidation. Her father's death has left her penniless and unable to care for herself or the ones she loves. Her greatest fear upon her return is seeing Lord Martineau again after he broke her heart so long ago. Disguised as the widowed Lady Davenport, she must risk recognition in turn for something greater—snagging a husband who can help her re-enter society and protect her from those who wish her harm.

Her ruse doesn't fool him...

Despite her four year absence, when Lady Felicity waltzes back into his life unexpectedly, disguised as Lady Davenport, Elliot becomes intent on finding out the reason behind her masquerade and her reasons for disappearing so suddenly from his life. He soon learns that she's keeping more from him than just her identity. As the past merges with the present he must find a way to earn her trust and convince her that he was never the one who abandoned her; that his love for her has never faded. Will they succeed at their second chance of happiness or will painful secrets and a past unwilling to be forgotten tear them apart once again?

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