[Download] Michael J. Thompson. Chasing Shadows By Terry Aspinall

Michael J. Thompson. Chasing Shadows

By: Terry Aspinall
Length: 161 pages
Release date: Dec 19, 2013
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This novel is about Englishman Michael J. Thompson. Who joined the Australian Army so he could serve in Vietnam during 1968. There were only a few British who got to fight in Vietnam of war and Michael was one of them. Michael had his own ideas of jungle training, fighting and warfare that he had learnt during other conflicts of war. Where they had worked well and saved many lives. Always wanting to help others survive in a hostile environment. Where your next step could kill you if you walked into a bobby trap or ambush. His ideas on cross border patrols where later to be adopted by other western countries. His special teams were at their best on information gathering patrols. His golden rule was 'To see but not be seen, and eat nothing red'.

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