[Download] Meet the Challenge of Change in 7 Steps (When Bears Listen to Rabbits) By James Dillon

Meet the Challenge of Change in 7 Steps (When Bears Listen to Rabbits)

By: James Dillon
Length: 186 pages
Release date: Sep 12, 2013
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How do you get a corporation and its managers to change? How can you carry out ambitious initiatives? How do you develop intelligent ways to see issues in a completely fresh way?
This book presents 7 steps of a change process, with each step illustrated by successful, innovative companies and managers.
With the help of an exclusive test, readers can validate their ability to be actors who manage their own changes, rather than be overwhelmed by change itself!
In the last section, a “business-tale” in the form of an allegory illustrates creative thinking processes in action. It stimulates the ability to be innovative by working with “whole-brain” approaches, associating “left-brain” “right-brain” hemispheres of intelligence. Berry the Bear teams up with Agile the Rabbit to guide us playfully through different steps to our own success.

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