[Download] Mayans and Inner Knowing By Rubén González

Mayans and Inner Knowing

By: Rubén González
Length: 165 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2014
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This book brings us closer to the teachings and knowledge that the enigmatic Mayan culture represented in their myths, codices, stelae and monuments, that transmit a message towards the psychic and spiritual development of human beings of all ages. Their sacred books contain their view of the creation of the world and humanity as well as their accurate calendars with their predictions and time cycles. Besides the scientific and artistic knowledge, the Mayan culture left us a spiritual legacy which reveals a deeper and more conscious way to the understanding of our own world as well as the way to self-awareness, initiation and inner rebirth. It is a path that leads us to the depths of the Mayab, the land of the Mayas, our inner land.

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