[Download] Maryhill By Sandy Grissom


By: Sandy Grissom
Length: 174 pages
Release date: Sep 16, 2013
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In the 1700s the Scotch-Irish people came to America. They left behind poverty and mistrust only to find much of the same in the hills of Appalachia. They settled with other Scotch-Irish hoping to find seclusion to live as they wanted, to worship God and to be free of restrictions. The people contributed much to America. They were instrumental in fighting the English side by side with the very settlers who didn't understand them. They gave us bootleg whiskey, an honorable trade to them and bluegrass music. This story tells of a couple living several generations after that people's arrival on American soil. The couple are in love yet misunderstandings keep them apart. Just as the people as a whole are misunderstood by other settlers, those not living in the mountains, the couple make the same error. They don't communicate. It takes these mistakes and God's guidance to bring them back together.

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