[Download] Marriage SOS: Spiritual, Obcordate, SEXY First Aid for YOUR Marriage! By J. Richard Lewis

Marriage SOS: Spiritual, Obcordate, SEXY First Aid for YOUR Marriage!

By: J. Richard Lewis
Length: 140 pages
Release date: Sep 17, 2013
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YES, you saw the words “sexy” and “spiritual” in the title of this book, and if you're not sure how to connect those two words with YOUR marriage, then, you might need First Aid for your relationship! But where do you get bandages, tweezers, and disinfectant for a marriage? That's what this little book is about-- to help you pull together the basics for Marriage First Aid. A marriage First Aid kit can do great things to patch up your marriage if it IS in the S.O.S. phase-- stranded and marooned-- or to help get past the minor scrapes and bumps EVERY marriage goes through, before you develop what could become a deadly infection.

I've noticed that most marriages involve a guy. I've also noticed that most guys don't really like to read, and don't have much patience with soft, sweet advice. But smackin'em up side the head just might get their attention! I know, 'cause I'm one of those guys that's hard headed and does NOT take kindly to somebody trying to “help” in my personal affairs! But I also know I've done more than my share to screw up the best thing I've got going-- and that's my love life with my hot wife! A lot of guys are feeling like "I'm dyin' to fix it, but I don't know how, and I'm ALMOST desperate enough to peak at some pretty little book that promises to help, but ain't there somethin' better out there?"

I think you've just found that “somethin' better”! This is more of a project than a book-- some thoughts drawn from a lot of years of a Soldier's experience doing Rescue Operations with marriages, full of a lot of “hands on” tools called “ACTIONABLE INTEL,” packed in every section to improve things in YOUR love life with. You heard that right, “HANDS ON” tools to FIX THINGS in your SEX life-- that sounds even better than a frozen fudgesickle on a hot day in the desert! And believe it or not, the “spiritual” part doesn't have to be scarey or religious, though it's an important part of the tool box, and it just might help you wife feel more comfortable about the book!

While I'm hoping your wife will be comfortable enough with this project, I was writing specifically for GUYS, especially for guys that don't particularly like to read. I made sure the language is clean enough it shouldn't offend too many sensitive ears-- but it's not "rated G" either! While I talk pretty directly about sex, the idea is to keep it real, but also to keep it tasteful and not raunchy, while at the same time, trying to put sex and that facet of your lives in perspective. Sex is a really cool part of marriage! But there's a whole lot more to sex than just sex! AND there's a whole lot more to life that even that wonderful part of life we call sex.

The "spiritual" part is based primarily on "The Song of Solomon," the most sensual book of the Bible, one of the oldest bits of racy romance writing on the planet, that's still red hot out of the fire! So whether you're a churchy-type person or not, not only is it full of hot stuff with great insight for YOUR marriage today, it's also time-tested, and full of spiritual substance that's hard to find anywhere else. And while it CAN be used as a "Bible Study" for the churchy-types, either for couples or groups to use and grow from together, it certainly doesn't the FEEL of your typical Bible Study!

I just might smack you up side the head once or twice in here-- but it's only 'cause you're tough, and that's the only way to get something through your think head! AND I give it you plain and straight, so you and your Wonderful Wife can make some good headway together, starting TONIGHT! So if you're ready to have a little fun working on your LOVE LIFE, and looking for a good excuse to snuggle up with your Honey and “play doctor” this evening (it IS a FIRST AID KIT after all...) what are you waiting for? I look forward to helping you out on this adventure together-- and I promise not to peek when you're doing your homework!

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