[Download] Man Made Man (Phoenician #1) By Marjorie F. Baldwin

Man Made Man (Phoenician #1)

By: Marjorie F. Baldwin
Length: 971 pages
Release date: Dec 5, 2013
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Raif was never meant to be a Proctor, he knows that about himself; but then what was he designed to be—or who? Why are there thoughts and memories floating around in his mind about people he’s never met? How did he acquire all the skills and knowledge he seems to have? What was he designed to be? Is he even human?

Proctors don't think--or they shouldn't. A Proctor is supposed to follow orders but a Proctor named Raif can't STOP thinking. He's different and he knows it. He was MADE differently. Who made him and why? And what was he designed to BE anyway? With thoughts and memories that can't be his own and donors from over a dozen genetic lines, all Raif knows for certain is that he was never designed to be a Proctor.

When Raif tries to find out the truth about his origins, he makes an even more horrifying discovery: his genetic design doesn't exist. There's no record of him in the Breeding Selections. The Archival records supposedly contain every human ever designed but he's not listed. Was he supposed to be MADE or was his design some kind of experimental theory never meant to leave a laboratory dish? Was he given life by accident or was he made for some specific reason?

In MAN MADE MAN, Raif searches for answers and instead finds the Phoenicians, strange people that human records claim are indigenous to the planet yet still not understood by humans even after 400 years of sharing a planet.

When the Phoenician Seven Chiefs learn of Raif's personal quest, they decide to help him. Of course, they're not just being nice. It's the Seven Chiefs, so there's always a Plan!

Now the question Raif will have to answer is whether he's a man who was made for their Plan or if their Plan was made for him?

WARNING: This book contains graphic violence which can be extreme at times, small amounts of explicit sexual content and frequently uses language which may offend some readers. This book may not be appropriate for audiences of all ages. Rating: MA-LSV

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