[Download] Magic Molly Christmas Carole By Trevor Forest

Magic Molly Christmas Carole

By: Trevor Forest
Length: 103 pages
Release date: Sep 21, 2013
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Molly Miggins is a junior witch who is allowed to join the Witch’s Academy at nine, a year earlier than usual. Molly is given an ancient but slightly damaged wand, called Wonky which turns out to be one of the most famous wands in history. The Magic Council believe that Molly has the ability to become one of the great witches and give her a series of difficult tasks that she must complete to get extra powers.

When junior witch Molly Miggins writes out the list of presents she is going to buy for Christmas she doesn’t realise how much trouble it is all going to be, especially as one of the presents is for the long dead security parrot that haunts the corridor outside of her father’s study.
Having made the parrot some sticky millet, Molly realises that she will have to find a way into the spooky half-world where the parrot resides if he is to eat the gift.

Molly finds a spell which allows her to enter the half-world, but before she can deliver the present she meets Carole, the Christmas witch. Carole tells Molly she will meet three spirits during the night – the spirit of a Christmas long past, a spirit from the future and the spirit of Christmas present.

Before the night is over Molly will solve an ancient riddle, get a scary, sneaky peek into her own future, and help the security parrot negotiate a creepy contract.

All of your favourite characters are here, including; Granny Whitewand, the wacky witch with the wobbly teeth, Molly’s arch rival, Henrietta Havelots, the richest girl in the school and the crazy security parrot who guards Mr Miggins’ study.

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