[Download] Lust-Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook By C. Nzingha Smith

Lust-Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook

By: C. Nzingha Smith
Length: 127 pages
Release date: Nov 8, 2011
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Do you eat foods that arouse you? If not, start now with the explosively potent ingredients used to create the libido enhancing meal & drink recipes featured in Lust Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook. Each orgasmic recipe is paired perfectly with steamy poetry, sex tips, and fun ideas on how to create an unforgettable bedroom experience, you'll want more of. Set the table for two, but you might not get to the main course. Improve your quality of life from the many health benefits the dynamic duo of sex and healthy eating provide. Get closer in the kitchen and the bedroom and make everyday a special occasion with Lust Have Recipes, Aphrodisiac Cookbook.

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