[Download] Lunch with Buddha By Roland Merullo

Lunch with Buddha

By: Roland Merullo
Narrated by: Sean Runnette
Length: 10 hours
Release date: Feb 10, 2015
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (31 votes, average: 4.50 out of 5)

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A novel about family, open-minded spirituality, and the American road, Lunch with Buddha accompanies the characters from Breakfast with Buddha as they move further along the path toward lasting peace of mind. Facing one of life's greatest emotional challenges, Otto Ringling takes comfort in a loving family and offbeat lessons from the eccentric spiritual teacher Volya Rinpoche. Funny at times, heartbreaking at others, Lunch with Buddha offers a fresh and engaging perspective on the life we live now.
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44 Responses to “[Download] Lunch with Buddha By Roland Merullo”

  1. Chauncey Sauveur

    A beautiful prose about life, love & loss
    Beautifully written and elegantly narrated. I’ll be listening to this story again and again!! I would recommend it to anyone!

  2. Marva Womer

    loved it! a great sequel go the first book.
    great and funny, deep, touching, thought provoking story. i cannot wait to listen to the next in the series!

  3. Emmanuel Bejil

    Any additional comments?

  4. Michael J Steeves

    Great book!
    loved the book, couldn’t put it down. very thought provoking and entertaining at the same time.

  5. joyce

    “This book makes you big disappointment, is it?”
    I SO loved ‘Breakfast With Buddha’, a funny, wonderful book from many perspectives. And this one is such a big disappointment. I feel like I’ve been running around in a whiny, arrogant Rich White Guy’s head. Yuck.

  6. Quinn S.

    Not as good as Breakfast
    I thought that Rinpoche came across as clownish in this 2nd installment. I much preferred Breakfast with Buddha. I hope Supper will be served with redemption.

  7. Thi Carmona

    More please
    Otto, my friend, I dearly love your transitions and monologues. A calming listen for a road trip. There are many more stories to be told, yes?

  8. Cletus Gorz

    Roland Merullo writes in such a way that you forget about hearing the words and feel them instead. Even the most normal of experiences become something special; the colors more vivid, the sounds more crisp. I laughed, cried and became wonderfully immersed in the story. Spirituality without preaching and enlightenment on the sly. I swear I am a better person now!

  9. Huey Work

    Somewhat disappointed
    I eagerly awaited this book. I found the sad theme of Jeanie’s death to be far too pervasive. Still love the characters.

  10. Sandra

    A lovely listen
    Moving a bit more deeply into Buddhist thought and experience than Breakfast with Buddha, this was delightful. The description of Otto’s retreat was so realistic- the discomfort, the stream of thought – reminded me of my own experiences. Lots to learn and think about under the narrative.

  11. Sudi

    Evidently Buddha is a Morning Person
    Not a bad book, just didn’t like it as much as Merullo’s the “Breakfast With Buddha.”

    Maybe it was the theme of death which set up the antagonism for the plot of the book. Maybe it was just me, having just finished “An Available Man” by Hilma Wollitzer, which also sponsored a newly minted widower. Maybe I was just tired of listening to a man lament the death of his wife, even if done in a decent, respectful way.

    I do love the narrated voice of the Rinpoche as created by Sean Runnette. I love the personality Merullo paints for the Rinpoche.

    Of course, at times, Merullo has the Rinpoche ask about an Americanism or slang or custom that you figure he must have already run into at least once in his sojourn in America, having interacted enough with the culture to marry an American and start a commune on its premises. These instances can seem like an obvious attempt at preaching to the choir in some aspects– as can the somewhat contrived meetings with typical jerks who expose their prejudices too facilely and a trifle predictably and who just beg for an appropriate Buddhist dialogue which will set their errors aright.

    I understand Merullo might want each Buddha book to stand alone and feels a new reader may need these set-ups, but reader of the Breakfast book might tire of the repetition.

    In the long run, though, who am I to critique a book about a Buddhist monk? I can hear the Rinpoche laughing.

    The sound of one hand not clapping.

  12. Marka D. Rodgers

    A truly wonderful look into the spirituality of our times and of ALL times. For anyone seeking “Truth”, this is a “must read”!

  13. Customer

    There are no words
    This series by Roland Merullo has been life changing for me. I am eternally grateful to him and to Sean Runnette.

  14. Grady Kawaguchi

    Dinner with bhudda?…….
    Great story of enlightenment. and changes that affect our lives. A must read or listen!

  15. Carmelo Shortle

    Another Wonderful Read
    I wrote a reveiw of Breakfast With Buddha and am dlighted to say the the second installment holds up.

    The same wonderful characters, another “road trip”, and more adventures culinary, geographically and spiritual.

    I await impatiently for Dinner With Buddha and wonder how R.M. will handle Otto Ringling in his new persona.

  16. Cat

    For one who questions everything, one foot in the science of life and the other in the spiritual life, this book brings a sense of joy and hope. Entertaining without being preachy. A novel, a good story, but maybe so much more……

  17. Jamar Magierski

    My ‘guru’
    I am in awe of the ‘lessons’ I have gained from all the books in this series! I do not have a Guru but if Volya Rinpoche were real- I would choose to learn from him in person! Instead I will continue to read and re-read these books as a substitute. I have read them many times already and each time I gain new perspective, new insights or simply remember how much I enjoyed these stories! Thank you Roland for your inspired works!

  18. Elisabeth Rondell

    This guy HATES conservative Christians
    Any additional comments?

  19. the mimsy

    a little self indulgent
    good narrator. whiney, self indulgent protagonist. gotta love the Rimpoche and the emerging story. got me thinking @ sitting on my cushion again.

  20. Frances Kassouf

    Perfect continuation of amazing enlightenment. I have Dinner with Buddha ready to go; can’t wait.

  21. Shayne G.

    Loved this one, too
    I enjoyed Breakfast with Buddha so much that I had to get Lunch with Buddha. After finishing this book just now, I was very pleased to see that Dinner with Buddha is available. I just downloaded it and I’m going to start it right away.

    Great series!

  22. James Baglione

    Breakfast, then Lunch with Buddha
    Loved them both, can’t wait for “Dinner. . .”

    Inspirational, moving, thought provoking too. I think I’ll try meditating a bit!

    Highly recommend.

  23. Dean

    Not as good as the original
    The author’s contempt for traditional American values and especially Christianity bleeds through. It’s a shame since it undercuts the open minded ethos of the book. Otto, I’d assume, would be a Hillary voter and have no understanding of half the people in our country, nor would he even care to see the world through their eyes. Despite his epiphany, he is the least sympathetic character of the book.

  24. Rickie A.

    Wery, wery good
    You’d think the narrator was really telling his own story. Wery good! Looking forward to Dinner. As someone who has had Breakfast, I think the author spent too much time making sure the book could stand by itself or maybe it is the downside of being able to gorge instead of patiently waiting for the next meal.

  25. Starla Wadzinski

    Food for thought
    Interesting and enlightening delivers a great message, but I feel like it’s missing something from the first book. Maybe because Otto is already pre-disposed to Volya’s teaching that there isn’t as much growth in his character which makes the story feel incomplete. Even with this small complaint I feel that the Buddha series is a great tool to make the listener stop and think. I really enjoy the theme and the story, and the book is will written. I can’t wait to move into the last in the series.

    Mr. Runnette does a great job with the narration. He really helps bring the characters to life!

  26. Laura Cromer

    Didn’t want it to end.
    This was a wonderful book to listen to. The story was engaging with well developed characters and unfolded in an interesting way. The narrator really captured the characters. very enjoyable.

  27. Jenette Tricamo

    it was so good. I really enjoyed this listen.
    I loved it. it was a perfect listen for this time In my life. grief has been my biggest struggle.

  28. Dalton Volland

    Enjoyable read with many insights to Buddhism!
    Had me hanging on every word. Works quite well as a book to listen too. The end is a bit of a cliffhanger, but I didn’t feel cheated.

  29. Garland Gullage

    What wonderful way to spend a few hours.
    Great narration, nice story. This is best experienced if you have read/listened to Breakfast with Buddha. I would recommend this story for anyone looking for a happy thoughtful story.

  30. Patsy P.

    nice progression
    This is a nice progression of the story and teachings. There are some portions of the story that focus more on moving the novel ahead more than normal and seemed forced compared to the first book, but still enjoyable.

    Love the narrator.

  31. Karima N.

    I was a glutton for this book!!!
    I traveled all day in the car listening to this delightful, sad, funny and spiritual story. I couldn’t stop even after I had arrived at my destination and felt compelled to finish it that day. Now I can’t wait to see if there is Dinner with Buddha!!

  32. Taylor Hadder

    Inspirational message without pressure
    This book provides perspective and inspirational or perhaps aspirational insights. It was a nice follow up to Breakfast with Buddha.

    I’m interested to read the follow up and follow this tale into the third chapter.

  33. Sparkle Derflinger

    More Life Lessons
    More life lessons in book 2 🙂 Giving me great perspective, and trying to find them in the everyday mondane experiences myself. liked “Breakfast” a bit more, but now looking forward to “Dinner”

  34. Zona Snoozy

    a wonderful series
    I have enjoyed the series very much and look forward to the third book. Mr. Merullo introduces us to Buddhist philosophy with delightful story telling. Otto learns a great deal during his time with Volya Rinpoche and I am looking forward to the continued lessons in the final book.

  35. Del Bradway

    A great continuation
    This is ones of those books, much like the first, but ridiculously compelling. continuing on from the first book, it is a great landing point for people starting to discover something greater than what they are. an insight to spirituality being more than just being good to others and living by preset rules.
    for me this series of books have been a profound force in understanding my own religious/spiritual place in the world.

  36. Marylee Kuttler

    Made me re-evaluate myself
    Growing up Christian, but with a lot of questions about it and other religions, this book is helping me as I question everything.

  37. Cristopher Vermilya

    Brilliant, funny, touching, profound, entertaining
    I read the first book in this trilogy on Kindle and decided to listen to the next. Sean Runnette does a magnificent job narrating, and this book is even better than the first. Can’t wait for Dinner!

  38. Harlan Vetrano

    If you loved the first book, you’ll love this one
    There was one scene where I wanted to stop reading and write a vitriolic review about how the book went off the rails. And I might have, but not too long after, there was a passage that fit seamlessly into the storytelling where the narrator mentions that sometimes when reading a book, something will happen and you’ll want to say, “That’s false, that’s a false note.” It doesn’t ruin the book, he says, but it’s memorable. If that little acknowledgment about what happened a few scenes earlier hadn’t taken place when it did, I very well might not have finished the story. I’m glad I did. This is the second book in a trilogy, and like the first book, I don’t know whom I’d recommend it to but it spoke directly to me and I was enchanted throughout. In short, a middle-aged, middle-class white guy once again takes a road trip with an Eastern spiritual master across the United States after the death of a loved one. At this point in the story, our hero has been meditating a while, he’s a loving father, is compassionate, has no real complaints, etc., but for some reason, none of his mindfulness techniques are helping him deal with his current stresses. Somehow Merullo makes this story, which could be very dull, hum along with humor and insight. Bechdel test: The test can’t be applied because it’s told in first person, but it’s a very male-centric book. Grade: A-

    The forlorn narration fits the book’s tone perfectly.

  39. Jose S.

    Excellent writing, narration, and story
    Superb performance and writing. The story has more than usual inner talk – but it’s very interesting and relatable inner talk – in that we all have a lot of thoughts that run through our minds before speaking, and thankfully we have filters that change what we actually say out loud. The inner talk throughout the story was part of an undercurrent of humor throughout the book.

  40. Dorinda Hoecker

    draws you in from the beginning
    Listening to this book is pure pleasure. Performance adds to the already incredible story line and makes this book easy top 10 on my list.

  41. kym fisher

    Love both breakfast and lunch with Buddha. Can hardly wait to get dinner with Buddha.

  42. Clifton Bristle

    A wonderful story continued
    I enjoyed the narration of Otto’s continued story. The beginning was sad and the end unexpected. can’t wait for the next installment

  43. Halina Voges

    great listen for all to enjoy
    loved the story with life lessons for all ages to learn from. we will continue with dinner next.

  44. Heath B.

    Fantastic life-changing series
    Like meditation itself it was very calming to listen to so I had to back up a few chapters at the end of a late evening highly recommend all three

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