[Download] Love, Lovers, and Life By Bill Denham

Love, Lovers, and Life

By: Bill Denham
Length: 117 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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A slight pause surfaced. She needed to catch her breath and relax, if she could. She was enjoying total satisfaction and pleasure. John Henry had concluded a stellar day and Jana now knew what he could do for her. Our bodies became one while savoring our momentous day. The sensation of "togetherness" prevailed--both of us warmly wrapped in each other's arms that produced soothing endearments never forgotten.
What a beautiful lady! Her body, for the lack of a better term, had reached a sensuous euphoria. By her own admission, she claimed she had never experienced such happiness, and I was just as besotted by her astonishing gift of love. It delivered the same truth to both of us. Suddenly I realized the sensuous and pleasurable Epicurean world I now inhabited had become an infatuated aura. I had gained total confidence in her priceless love and thought . . . knowing any day that Jana may want to return her
dream world to my threshold, it would be welcomed.
We experienced it again and again for a few months . . . falling deeply, irrevocably in love . . . each day getting better than the last as we enriched our lives with love the way it's meant to be.

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