[Download] Love is a Choice By Robert Elias Najemy

Love is a Choice

By: Robert Elias Najemy
Length: 318 pages
Release date: Sep 6, 2013
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1 Love is a Choice
2 What is love?
3 The Chemistry of Love
4 The Mental and Spiritual Benefits of Loving
5 Stages of love
6 How We Create Our Personal Reality
7 Situations in Which We Lose Our Love
Loving those ...
...who are different
...who disagree, criticize or do not understand us
...who obstruct us from fulfilling needs
...who do not behave as we would like.
...who do not respect us
...who believe they are superior or know more
...who seek to suppress and control us.
...who gossip and lie to us or about us
... who are weak, do not take care of themselves or play the role of the victim
...who are lazy, make mistakes, are not responsible or do not keep their word or their appointments
...who behave egotistically or are cold and unfeeling.
...who ignore or do not respond to our needs
...who have more or have what we want
...Loving a love-partner who cheats on us
...who harm us or have evil intentions and ulterior motives
8 Keeping Our Energy High for Love
9 Written Affirmations - Loving Others or Ourselves
10 EFT for Loving Others
11 Why Do We Fear Close Relationships?
12 Contemplations on Love
13 Self-Deprogamming
14 Obstacles to Romantic Love Relationships
15 Dealing with Romantic Rejection
16 Expressing Love
17 Romantic Ideas
18 When I Love You Purely
19 Codependence or Co-commitment?
20 Who is Responsible?
21 Learning to Love Ourselves
22 Facing and Overcoming Loneliness
23 Freedom Through Forgiveness
24 Self- forgiveness
25 Love and Honesty
26 Effective Communication as a Vehicle for Love
27 Love and the Roles We and Others Play
28 Spiritual Love and Spiritual Discrimination
29 The Behavior of Love
30 Blessing With Love

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