[Download] Looking for the Sun Door By Tracy R. Franklin

Looking for the Sun Door

By: Tracy R. Franklin
Length: 121 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
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With Looking for the Sun Door, Tracy R. Franklin combines her poetry with short fiction and shows us what it means to be broken, whole, and pasted together. With her poetry, she uses her confessional style to explore the universal challenges of trying to understand one’s relationship to oneself, to others, and to the ineffable source of existence itself. With her fiction, she examines the human soul in resiliency and weakness, fulfillment and need.

History: Two sisters share the same home life and become mirror images of one another.

Meditation: Is hope an illness? One woman tries hard to believe it is.

The Drive: Two people do nothing in a car except live.

Beautification: A lonely little girl experiences spirituality instinctively. She comforts herself the same way.

Bankruptcy: A morally bankrupt man has to pay.

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