[Download] Little Book, Big Prayers: Mental & Physical Wholeness By Christine Brooks Martin

Little Book, Big Prayers: Mental & Physical Wholeness

By: Christine Brooks Martin
Length: 114 pages
Release date: Oct 27, 2013
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"Mental and Physical Wholeness" is the second in the "Little Book, Big Prayers" 4-book series. Speaking scriptural prayers over your circumstances will facilitate spiritual growth while enhancing your prayerlife. Learn how to pray for deliverance and healing from emotional or physical challenges. Say what God says about you. Embrace what God says about you to transition from brokenness to mental and physical health and well-being.

You can:
--Change what you think, say and do about your circumstances
--Agree with God to overcoming addiction, rejection and abuse
--Develop and experience healthy relationships
--Experience mental & physical health, peace, success and liberty

The life-changing, transforming power of God will help you believe the word of God--the scriptures--to change you life. Your heart and mind can be unified to the truth about who you are and what you can have. When you come to the knowledge of the truth you will have faith to believe that all things are possible. When you hear, read and believe the word, you develop faith in the word. You can draw on your faith to see blessing, healing, deliverance and increase manifest into your life.
AUTHOR'S NOTE: Some prayer topics appear in more than 1 book in the "Little Book, Big Prayers" series.

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