[Download] Listening: The Art of Self-Inquiry By Christian Karl

Listening: The Art of Self-Inquiry

By: Christian Karl
Length: 144 pages
Release date: Sep 27, 2013
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The main spiritual question that needs answering is: "Who am I?" That is actually the only question that counts in life. Nothing else truly matters. Once this question is answered, we truly understand the purpose of life and the purpose of our existence. My writings, this book included, point towards the answer. Only you can find the answer yourself. No one can answer the question for yourself. You must walk the spiritual path alone. However, there are guides along the way that keep pointing in the direction of the end of the path. I had the fortune to have such a guide. What I have learned from him, that is what I am sharing with you in my writings.
You must try to find an answer to the question of "Who am I?" in this lifetime. What other lifetimes are there? There is only this lifetime. Therefore dig deep inside your mind and find the secret that has been hidden there for all those years. Be sincere in your intentions. Be pure in your motives and you will find the answer.

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