[Download] Lilias Yoga Complete: A Full Course for Beginning and Advanced Students By Lilias Folan

Lilias Yoga Complete: A Full Course for Beginning and Advanced Students

By: Lilias Folan
Narrated by: Lilias Folan
Length: 3 hours
Release date: Mar 1, 2003
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This perennial favorite with over 50,000 copies in print includes a comprehensive course for students of any level by yoga guru Lilias Folan Yoga Journal reports that nearly 15 million U.S. adults currently practice yoga, and more than 35 million Americans intend to try yoga in the next twelve months. Now, Lilias Folan, America's best-known yoga teacher, presents a complete conditioning program for those who want to bring the enjoyment, relaxation, and health benefits of yoga into their lives. Step by step, Lilias guides you through the art of total mind-body wellness. The audio for beginning students provides an easy-to-follow low impact introduction to Hatha Yoga, including a coordinated series of warm-up stretches, special morning and evening exercises, and a half-hour yoga class. As you gain experience, the additional parts will take you further into the yoga experience with: o A carefully structured guide to classic yoga postures o Breathing and relaxation techniques o More morning and evening exercises o An expanded daily yoga class o An hour long weekend workout
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