[Download] Like a Virgin By Carol Schede

Like a Virgin

By: Carol Schede
Length: 290 pages
Release date: Nov 30, 2013
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Sarah Hatfield would rather eat nails than go to her father's wedding, but of course she goes. Sarah's friend Jacob Trent doesn't want to go either—he has a well documented aversion to weddings—but Sarah needs a friend by her side so Jake tags along too. And then Sara goes nuts. The wedding, the baby announcement... Baby? Her father and his wife-to-be are having a baby? Funny thing...so are Sarah and Jake! At least according to Sarah they are. Soon her outrageous lie takes on a life of its own and a very unpregnant Sarah must produce a real baby in a matter of months or break her father's heart. Lucky thing, she has brought Jake with her. Jake is well equipped with everything she needs to solve her dilemma but he is less than thrilled with Sarah's ludicrous solution. But Sarah is oh so persuasive. And Jake is, after all, a guy. But after a few intensive baby-making attempts, they are left wondering what their current relationship has become. Still friends? Lovers? Parents? Crazy?

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