[Download] Letters to Mrs Hernandez By C S Gibbs

Letters to Mrs Hernandez

By: C S Gibbs
Length: 318 pages
Release date: Sep 24, 2013
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He looked at the address: To Miss Setsu Kimura, Escuela Internacional, Buenos Aires.

The handwriting was his best and he had flourished the capital letters to make sure that his effort was emphasised.

“Here goes something, or nothing,” he thought, as he smoothed the envelope again and moved toward the letter box with trepidation to post the letter, allowing himself a lingering grip before finally dropping it through the slot.

With the guiding hand of matchmaker Vero Hernandez, Ben and Setsu's letters somehow find their way across the miles. From England to Argentina, then on to New Zealand and Japan, a secret love is kept alive against the odds for two young people who find themselves on opposing sides of the turmoil in the dying days of the war in the Pacific.

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