[Download] Leilu By Larry Young


By: Larry Young
Length: 148 pages
Release date: Oct 31, 1988
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While hunting with his brother a sixteen year old boy named Brian Stevens goes through a portal into another world. He is accidentally poisoned and is found by a beautiful girl and her grandfather. They care for him and when he recovers he stays with them for five years. While he is staying with them he falls deeply in love with the girl. eventually he finds a way back to his own world. When he arrives back on his own world he finds that though he has aged five years it is still the same day and time here on his own world. He also learns that a certain group of men are responsible for the portal being opened. This same group of men have plans to pillage the other world. In order to save the girl he loves , Brian knows he must find a way to stop the men from carrying out their plans or he may well never again be reunited with the girl he loves.

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