[Download] Legend of Manfin, The Journey, Book 1 By Laura Wright LaRoche

Legend of Manfin, The Journey, Book 1

By: Laura Wright LaRoche
Length: 360 pages
Release date: Nov 21, 2013
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Almost every human knows manfin are a myth, fanciful tales created by drunken sailors. But for one human named Ashaw, a childhood encounter with the fairytale creature feeds a lifelong quest to locate the elusive being. After his grandfather's passing, he has the means to hire a crew and set off on his journey.

Along the way, they meet up with a man named Ferrell, who has his own mysterious history with manfin. Together, they search the sea, unknowingly followed by a ruthless crew.

Hidden away in fear of discovery and on the brink of extinction, the manfin struggle to adapt, rewriting their oldest laws. In the midst of argument and uprising, a long-ago human encounter spurs a discovery.

If the manfin can overcome their negative perceptions of humankind, they may have the key to repopulating their breed. But will the key be a new beginning or the ending of who they are?

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