[Download] Leaving Earth: Why One-Way to Mars Makes Sense By Andrew Rader

Leaving Earth: Why One-Way to Mars Makes Sense

By: Andrew Rader
Length: 135 pages
Release date: Sep 25, 2013
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We are now at the cusp of settling other worlds. The timeline for a Mission to Mars is still over 20 years off, but it doesn't have to be. This book demonstrates why we should go to Mars, and why when we do going one-way - not to die, but to live - actually makes a lot of sense.

Simply put, a one-way trip maximizes the return, minimizes the cost, and is by far the most logical way to organize a mission from almost every standpoint.

'Leaving Earth' is fast-paced, and full of fascinating historical, scientific, and personal stories. It is aimed at a non-technical audience, and should be accessible to anyone. Although technology is a major focus, the mission would primarily be a human adventure. As such, the book examines the risks and human impacts in personal terms. Who would chose to give up their life on Earth to start a new one on another planet? What would that be like? What would be given up, and what would be gained?

Andrew Rader is an Aerospace Engineer with a Ph.D. in human spaceflight from MIT (2009). He has worked as a spacecraft engineer on half a dozen Canadian Space missions. In March 2013, he won Discovery Channel's 'Canada's Greatest Know-it All'. He is currently a second-round candidate for the Mars One mission, which aims to send human settlers to the Red Planet starting in 2023.

$1 from each copy goes to support putting humans on Mars through the Mars One project.

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