[Download] Learning Disabled Adults Achieve Success-Proven Methodology By Jon Van Loon

Learning Disabled Adults Achieve Success-Proven Methodology

By: Jon Van Loon
Length: 158 pages
Release date: Sep 6, 2013
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Have you attained adulthood and wondered why you possessed traits that made it difficult during your formative and vocational years to learn by conventional methods? You might have an undiagnosed learning disability. This book is uniquely different from most others, it having been written by an actual person who has a severe learning disability. Despite my problems I have developed special strategies that allowed me to achieve high level academic and professional success. Like you the reader, I have faced unique personal, schooling and vocational difficulties daily and hence can provide a different dimension of material compared to most non learning disabled experts. The phrase ‘Learning Disabled’ is used in this book title only because it is the standard and familiar designation relating to those of us who have experienced difficulties learning in the conventional manner. This phrase has become the moniker of choice for anyone that has demonstrated visual and/or auditory memory and other problems identified as being associated with the conventional learning process. Another common but now less utilized term for those of us in this category is ‘Dyslexia’. This latter term used for many years after the discovery by Orton in 1937 of these problems, actually roughly translates as reading blindness and hence covers only a fraction of the discipline. Rather than use terms that have a negative and often in the minds of the general public derogatory connotations, I prefer to call us ‘Special Learners’. Thus I have opted wherever possible to designate those of us known publically as Learning Disabled in this book as Special Learners or as being Learning Challenged, terms I have justified in earlier eBooks on this subject that were geared mainly for those of student age.

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