[Download] Law School 20|20 By Matthew Ormsbee

Law School 20|20

By: Matthew Ormsbee
Length: 409 pages
Release date: Dec 14, 2013
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Law School 20|20 is a modern, all-encompassing guide for law school applicants, students, and graduates. It addresses all aspects of getting into law school, succeeding in law school, and choosing the career path that's right for you. "20|20" refers to the book's unique take on legal education and training, giving you a clear and unfettered view of law school and the job search, warts and all. While the bulk of the book gives you what you need to know about admissions, course work, and extracurriculars in a detailed, no-nonsense manner, later chapters are written in a more opinionated manner to highlight the drawbacks of American legal education and the risks you should be aware of before enrolling in law school. In other words, yes, this is an admissions guide, but more than that, Law School 20|20 critically analyzes the status quo to give you a 20|20 view of the benefits and drawbacks of law school.

Many features set this book apart from others. First, a number of law graduates, who are now practicing attorneys, have written, edited, and contributed to the book, giving it a less biased and more representative voice. We've poured our hearts into this book. This is not a canned recital of run-of-the-mill tips from a corporation. It's a thoughtfully written go-to guide for those who now stand where we once stood. And for those who will later stand where we now stand.

Also, Law School 20|20 is admittedly a work that will change with time. While it was carefully written and edited over a few years, this is the first edition and the author is open to your feedback: tell me what's awesome and what isn't. How many guides include the author's email address for feedback and questions? Your questions and edits will help improve Law School 20|20 and lead to an even better second edition.

Finally, Law School 20|20 is comprehensive. It covers every aspect of law school and the early years of law practice, including resources such as legal resume templates and cover letter models. References to the minutiae of law school life that you won't find in any other guide are included, all in an effort to make the transition to law school even smoother.

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