[Download] Laurel By Justin CP Kelly


By: Justin CP Kelly
Length: 204 pages
Release date: Jul 1, 1987
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Laurel heard a twig snap to her left and she knew she’d just become the hunted. She slowed down and slowly made her way to a little overgrown brush. She crawled under it and took in her surroundings. She watched with trepidation as six white wild wolves crept slowly toward her. Laurel figured the wild wolf pack decided that her strange smell and her dull white fur made Laurel fair game for hunting. It was the middle of winter and game was hard to come by so the wild wolves, like her were also starving.
Laurel snuggled deeper into the snow and did her best to bury herself. She figured if nothing else they need a nose as good as hers to find her. She made a mental note of her position and wrapped as much snow as possible around herself. She briefly thought that she would probably freeze to death. Despite knowing that she had no other options so she let the snow wrap itself around her. Within moments Laurel drifted off into a deep and dangerous sleep.

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