[Download] Last Chance for Love: A Masters Men Christmas Story By Sandra S. Kerns

Last Chance for Love: A Masters Men Christmas Story

By: Sandra S. Kerns
Length: 137 pages
Release date: Jun 1, 1997
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (184 votes, average: 5.00 out of 5)

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The Masters Men are decorating for Christmas. They have a lot to celebrate between the birth of Ace and Gina’s first child, Tres and Izzy’s twins, and the upcoming birth of Dos and Copper’s fourth; not to mention no major family tragedies for a year. Then again, no one has heard from Smitty since he left the decorating party at Gina’s Aunt Camille’s house.

After receiving a worried call from Smitty’s son, Camille sets out on the cold December night to look for him. She finds him near frozen to death on the side of the road several miles from her house. She calls Ace who immediately calls in the rest of the Masters cavalry. The search is on for the person who caused Smitty’s accident.

When Tres finds evidence proving it wasn’t an accident, the Masters men kick it into high gear. Dos and Ace split their time between the hospital and playing bodyguard for Camille while Tres and Gina work the case.
Camille buries her concern about Smitty’s prognosis and her love for him beneath concern for the Masters family. She knows how important he is to them. Besides, she blew any chance she had at a second dance with true love when she fell for that gigolo last year. All she needs now is to know the people she cares about are safe and happy, and that includes Smitty.

When Smitty finally regains consciousness, he’s not happy. Everyone is rearranging their lives to make his easier. He’ll have none of it. Before the accident he had started to think there was a possibility he and Camille could possibly have a life together. Now, he doesn’t want Camille hanging around out of pity. Add to that the fact someone painted a target on his back and he doesn’t want her in harm’s way.

Smitty may have faced down some difficult criminals in his time, but dealing with a determined DeSoto woman is an entirely different matter. When the brothers are stirred into the mix doing their best to track down the man responsible for messing up their holiday, things heat up fast in Braedon, Colorado. Can they work together to close the case and bring Smitty home before Christmas? Will there be a Christmas miracle for Camille and Smitty?

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