[Download] Kya/20/20 By David Layman


By: David Layman
Length: 207 pages
Release date: Jan 8, 2013
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Peering out the large window of her office at The Institute, Kya Brisson gazed out onto the horizon. She scoffed, “These humans are most contemptible, they certainly have made little progress over the years. And now, I have been put in charge to change the status quo. I am the one who has to alter the way things go on this stupid, insignificant planet. That is a task that I will delight in completing, to fix these pathetic creatures! These humans, homo sapiens, the formal definition, smart man? Please.”

Kya Brisson, the Chief Executive of The Institute, located in South Beach, Florida had only just turned seventeen. Yet, she had made it to a real position of power and influence in just a few short years due to possessing an enormously advanced cerebral capability. In fact, Kya's abilities seemed to be so advanced and so much more capable that she may have been one of the first of her kind. Could she be a new species, the combined capabilities of both a man and a woman, so much more advanced that she might even be classified as a new species, unlike the rest who inhabited the Earth?

As the story unfolds, Kya understands that she possesses great powers, she is innovative and very advanced. She has a plan, she has decided that she is in a position to change the order of things, to see if humans have any possible chance to avoid their own destruction, and to advance. She proceeds to utilize all the tools at her disposal, and to move forward. Just as she believes her plan is ready to be put into effect, she realizes that quite possibly, she may just be a pawn herself, to an even more powerful, much more advanced force than herself! Could it be that all her grandiose plans were only delusional, a trick to help in the advancement of another, one who is even much more advanced, one who intends to usurp her position of prestige, fame and power?

In the first of a series, KYA/20/20, Kya Brisson sees things from a much different perspective than most before her. She feels as if she has a certain agenda to complete and she is under enormous pressure, all self-imposed, to effect enormous changes or at some future time, the planet will self-implode. Like Kya Brisson, many may just feel the same sense of urgency as they scurry through life. Some might feel their own personal planet will self-implode as well if they do not complete their assigned tasks.

A fast-moving novel, filled with real day experiences, as well as events that she knows will be her eventual undoing, Kya Brisson sees her world, the one she worked so arduously to construct beginning to take her into a different realm, one that she feared; her realizations, she knows, will actually become her reality. It is a case of the real world as she knows it meeting up with a kind of new reality, much different, she is sure of it. Attempting to peer into her uncertain future, Kya envisions a world in which she will experience a kind of consternation and an imbalance, her dreams quite possibly now shattered, just as many of us may have also experienced, and had to endure! In the world of Kya Brisson, she understands that she has unwittingly been duped, and no longer feels that she is the master, but that she will become what she so detested about the human race; to become enslaved by another!

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