[Download] Kathleen 1-4-3 By Chuck Walsh

Kathleen 1-4-3

By: Chuck Walsh
Length: 131 pages
Release date: Sep 9, 2013
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This project did not start out to be a book. It was prompted by one of our son’s in law who didn’t want anything special for a Christmas gift in 2007. He just had a simple request for general information on what life was like growing up in the 1940’s and 1950’s. Chuck thought this project could be finished in a few weeks. Sure, just start writing, something will come to mind. The problem was that too much came to mind. Too many details were out there. So many that it would take another 48 years to write it. This project has taken on a life of its own. Every time we do a re-read we think of something that should be added.
Also the question came to mind that this should be directed to our grandchildren rather than our own children. Why? Maybe we’re just trying to extend the reach from ancestors through descendants. If you read this at least once, every five years you will get a different perspective on life each time. Lives change – love doesn’t. This is not intended to e a widely distributed book. If we are able to accomplish it there will be just one copy for each grandchild, 14 of you at this time and one copy for each of their parents plus one each for Donnie and Pop. Who knows, not everyone gets the opportunity of living their life over again and again. We hope you kids enjoy it. We love you all.

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