[Download] Journey: From Wine to Divine By Murlidhar Rao

Journey: From Wine to Divine

By: Murlidhar Rao
Length: 182 pages
Release date: Jan 1, 2014
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Journey is the story of transformation of a Prostitute to Prophet.
Sandwiched between the two Natalia prayed God helplessly. She closed her eyes waiting for the inevitable to happen.
“You can kill thousands to protect your country; you can kill hundreds to protect yourself. But never kill an innocent, unborn child,” Sultan said with tears in his eyes. Julie was surprised to see the other face of Sultan.
There is absolutely no relationship between religion and spirituality. In fact we should come out of religion if we wish to enter the realm of spirituality.
“What is the difference between a saint and a sinner? The sinner thinks of himself and the saint about others,” explained Sussi to her followers.
Natalia wondered why people were following Sussi. She neither had money nor power. What can she give them? she wondered.
“Then what is the solution?” Many people asked her. “The only solution is meditation,” Sussi said and continued, “It is the art of going within in search of the true happiness.”

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