[Download] Johnny and The USed Wonz By DaNeo Duran

Johnny and The USed Wonz

By: DaNeo Duran
Length: 636 pages
Release date: Sep 26, 2013
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In a dressing room in Wichita minutes before show time Johnny feels like a caged animal. His English band The USed Wonz mightn’t be enjoying the same degree of success Stateside that Little Spirit are in England but they believe they’re doing well. Records and concert tickets are selling. But Johnny knows that the American recording conglomerate that markets and distributes their album could be having a change of heart and might terminate their contract. They need a second album. But Johnny has jeopardised that by gambling the money they’ve been advanced to pay for its recording.

Believing he’s ruined his band’s chances of further success he contacts the only person in America who would care.

Alone and working late in her office Saturday, Linda the band's delightful agent picks up Johnny’s call. Unfortunately she has problems of her own. The booking agency she’s spent years developing is in trouble. Can she help the band anyway?

Johnny and The USed Wonz is DaNeo Duran’s second novel and begins on the day Little Spirit ends. Deeply emotional, Johnny and The USed Wonz takes the reader back to 1970s England when a teenage boy escapes the violence of an alcoholic father. Love the child who grows into a martial artist and musician and who as a young man leads his band into the 1980s towards the promise of success in the USA.

Set in the UK and America the writing is both mature and sensitive. As with Little Spirit, aspiring musicians will enjoy Johnny and The USed Wonz as well as fans of romance and drama.

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