[Download] Jesus Is My Flat Mate, I Kid You Not! By Sebastian H. Alive

Jesus Is My Flat Mate, I Kid You Not!

By: Sebastian H. Alive
Length: 250 pages
Release date: Sep 29, 2013
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Thomas was in a quandary. Actually it was more than just a quandary. He was actually sitting on the proverbial edge of an abyss with his bare ass hanging over into the murky darkness of eviction and waving goodbye to his occupancy. His rent was due the week after next and he didn’t have the funds to pay for it so he comes up with a plan. He needed a roomie, it was simple. No weirdo’s, yes he certainly had to screen out the weirdo’s, no nasty habits, absolutely no stoners and also no out-patients from any form of rehabilitation centres.

Without delay Thomas puts up his "roommate wanted" ad in his local Londis grocery store and waits for the call. No sooner had he done this then his mobile rings and a man with a definite queer foreign twang to his voice claiming to be Jesus (Not Hey-Zeus) calls to ask for the shelter.

Thomas agrees to let Jesus stay at the apartment so long as he considers wearing some underwear, tames his eyebrows and doesn’t go crazy with the toilet roll. From that day forth the usually mundane and predictably boring life of Thomas is changed forever as their opposite worlds collide. One is the apparent divine central figure in Christian belief here on a short sabbatical preaching the message of God whereas the other is a devout atheist and no amount of evidence or reasoning will convince him he’s wrong and who believes Jesus is nothing more than a foreign migrant experiencing life in a multi-cultural UK probably abusing our visa system and looking for a good time.

So begins a journey of discovery for them both and a series of events which will challenge Thomas’s rather flaky views and knowledge of religion and for Jesus an awakening to the uncomfortable truth that the world really has moved on and appears to be coming apart at the seams.

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