[Download] Javier By H.H. Fowler


By: H.H. Fowler
Length: 276 pages
Release date: Sep 20, 2013
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Three boys who can’t stay out of trouble on the streets of New York - Pedro, Caleb and the manipulative Javier, put Rachael Raymonds’ faith to the test, as she tries to save them from the unscrupulous Detective Macino and from themselves. She must resist the seductive charm of the sensual 17-year-old Javier, who could easily corrupt the household.

The opposing worlds of the Safe House Sistahs and the Gangsta kids collide under the one roof and sparks fly. Can the caring women at the safe-house bring their last-chance residents back to sanity? In Putnam County, the laws and codes of the rival gangs, Vipers and the Cobras, reach deep into young men’s hearts; the struggle for power that finally explodes in death and vengeance will leave Putnam County staggering.

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