[Download] Jagged Secrets By Lashell Collins

Jagged Secrets

By: Lashell Collins
Length: 222 pages
Release date: Dec 30, 2013
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What happens when the love of your life, who walked out on you eight years ago, suddenly resurfaces? Well, Buzzy West, drummer for rock group Jagged Ivory, is about to find out! Buzzy has always been ‘the life of the party.’ Very charismatic and fun-loving, he was the boy next door who rocked! With his all-American good looks and his sparkling personality, he’s the type of guy who’s never hurting for female companionship. He’s never lonely, but he also never gets involved. At a glance, he seems like the true love ‘em and leave ‘em kind of guy. But that’s all an illusion, because the truth is that he just never got over the woman who broke his heart.

Janie Kim is a shy, quiet bookworm. She spent her high school days with her nose stuck in a book, just trying to keep her head down and blend into the background so that she didn't draw any undue attention to herself, going through life as your basic friendless social misfit. That is ... until Robby (Buzzy) West came to town. Their innocent friendship quickly turned sexual. She was the prettiest thing he had ever seen, and his raging hormones would not let him forget it. He fell so completely in love with her, he would have done anything to keep her by his side forever. But Janie had other ideas, and when she broke up with him shortly after graduation he was devastated.

After weeks trying to get her to change her mind, he had to accept her decision. So he picked up his drumsticks and left town, heading for LA to chase his dream. But when she suddenly appears backstage one night after a Jagged Ivory concert, Buz can't get her or their romance out of his head. He needs answers to the questions he's been asking himself all these years. He needs closure. But when he goes looking for it, he finds that Janie's been keeping secrets.

If you're a fan of rock star romances, you will love the boys of Jagged Ivory!

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