[Download] Interstices, Outdoors, Out West, Out of the Ordinary & Memorable Desert and Mountain Moments By Mark Doherty

Interstices, Outdoors, Out West, Out of the Ordinary & Memorable Desert and Mountain Moments

By: Mark Doherty
Length: 201 pages
Release date: Sep 20, 2013
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Take a moment to think about a special, quiet,, untouched and perfect moment that has occurred in your life. This book of essays is about those moments as they have occurred in the life of the author. He is an author who is passionate about the outdoors, nature, education, music, creativity and alternative thinking. But by no means is this solely a nature book, or solely a teaching book. It's more of a series of Western tales woven by one who lives for and appreciates the "interstices" of our world--those special moments that occur between the moments, days, and even the years of everyday living.
This collection of essays weave a tapestry of unique experiences and creative philosophy. The title, Interstices, also denotes the book's prominent philosophical thread. Discussion of those "places between" occurs frequently throughout the book and often at fresh and surprising moments. The subject matter of the essays is admittedly predominately outdoors, and wildly diverse in nature, yet often strays into arenas ranging from the nightclub to the interstate highway, from the classroom to the local commute.
Mark Doherty has also, among other things, been and English and Literature Teacher for over 20 years, teaching others to appreciate the writings of countless authors. His life has been dedicated to complimenting their works. Your reading of this book would be the ultimate compliment to his work.
There seem to be moments in time when works of literature appear at a critical cultural moment. This book has that potential. It is up to you to decide.

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