[Download] Influencer: The Power to Change Anything By Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan

Influencer: The Power to Change Anything

By: Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan
Narrated by: Eric Conger
Length: 8 hours
Release date: Sep 21, 2007
Rating: 1 Star2 Stars3 Stars4 Stars5 Stars (85 votes, average: 4.00 out of 5)

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From the New York Times bestselling authors of Crucial Conversations . . . Whether your goal is to change minds, change markets, or change the world—anything is possible for an influencer.

Everyone wants to be an influencer. We all want to learn how to help ourselves and others change behavior. And yet, in spite of the fact that we routinely attempt to do everything from lose weight to improve quality at work, few of us have more than one or two ideas about how to exert influence. For the first time, Influencer brings together the breakthrough strategies of contemporary influence masters. By drawing from the skills of hundreds of successful influencers and combining them with five decades of the best social science research, Influencer shares eight powerful principles for changing behaviors—principles almost anyone can apply to change almost anything.
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70 Responses to “[Download] Influencer: The Power to Change Anything By Joseph Grenny, David Maxfield, Ron McMillan”

  1. Alethia Corvelli

    If as a current or aspiring manager or leader you are frustrated because you feel you’ve gone at a problem in as many ways as you can and still don’t see success than this book is a fantastic listen. The concepts are great not only for integrating into your current skill sets but for recognizing when they are or are not happening around you. Kudos to the authors for coming together and introducing these academics and agents of positive change through influence and their stories all in one place. I’ll listen again, next time taking notes.

  2. Jeanetta R.

    Good Stories of influencers
    Great book, but I wish they went through exactly what these influencers did after the stories. Like in summary format or action steps. Especially since the author cautions that doing just a few steps out of the whole package, will prove unsustainable.

  3. Heath C.

    Great Positive Book!
    I haven’t decided yet if I like the way the book is written. It gives you little teasers as it builds its principles. As you continue onto another principle, it gives you a little more of the story. You have to listen to it all pretty much at one time so you don’t forget what they were giving you before. Great examples. I highly recommend, especially if you can do the entire listen in a day or two. If you want to be more of an INFLUENCER, then get this and give it a listen; it can change the way you think.

  4. Wynell Kamrowski

    Lacks real storytelling but has a few good insights. The book Switch is almost the same but 100 times more enjoyable because that has genuine storytelling in a much better structure.

  5. Freddy Arrocho

    It’s worth it.
    I usually don’t write reviews but I read a lot of negative ones – and it just about made me not buy this book. I say it’s worth it – if you are a leader of any kind – you need to know how to influence your staff – I say it’s worth it.

  6. Joyce Remis

    It gets much better once you get past chapter 3
    I found the first few chapters really difficult to follow, but once I reach chapter 6 there were more substantive stuff.

  7. Anthony M.

    slow start but great info after first chapter
    The book start was not interesting to me but after first chapter, things get a lot better. I learnt quite few things which previously I did not thought about much. Specially chapter about changing environment to change behavior. over all a very useful book.

  8. Alina Kenaan

    É um livro maravilhoso que passa grandes ideias de
    Livro maravilhoso que passa a grande ideia sobre Como Influenciar o comportamento das pessoas como as pessoas se comportam

  9. Twanda Brouwer

    Good content, very poorly structured
    I enjoyed the stories and the lessons there in, however the book jumps around and isnt well structured. I’m walking away with some useful info, but not a structured understanding of the influence strategies. heck, I can’t even easily name the ‘Six strategies’ as they’re not even numbered!

  10. Enola L.

    Game changer!
    If you could sum up Influencer in three words, what would they be?

  11. Ann M Oro

    Loved the Stories that Supported the Strategies
    If you could sum up Influencer in three words, what would they be?

  12. Juan Neang

    Very good
    Will probably buy the book. Very good content and ideas are well presented. Practical application of ideas which should be easily implementable.

  13. Luis R.

    Excellent Book!!! I Highly Recommend It!!!
    I have loved listening to this audio book as I run. I love the mix between research and application exhibited in the book. This is a book that I will go back and reference in the future for sure!

  14. Woodrow Sieg

    Critical tool for change. This subject has given me a true advantage to orchestrate change within my organization and my life.

  15. Homer Cairo

    I enjoyed this audio so much I listened to it twice in the same week, and took notes. I NEVER do that! Well worth the money.

  16. Florance Neugent

    Great Book
    Would you listen to Influencer again? Why?

  17. manaf

    a land mark book
    What made the experience of listening to Influencer the most enjoyable?

  18. Sid Buden

    Too specific of a demographic
    If you are not a middle aged woman, this book is not for you. There was far too much unnecessary referencing as well which really makes the book drag. The narrator was decent.

  19. Kimberely Romberger

    Insigtful and useful
    This audiobook gives you academic distinctions into how to influence others and then the pratical examples to put those distinctions into practice. If you want to learn how to be more influential and how to set up systems that peple will actually follow this is the audiobook for you

  20. Aubrey Proffitt

    Important to book for growing leadership skills
    Lots of good sound data from real Studies and excellent practical examples from personal to corporate environments. This book in my mind replaces the old “situational leadership“ training. Anyone that wants to be a solid leader with all of the people that they interact with, not just their staff, must read this book.

  21. Rupert Rusinski

    Very good Influential book!!! I can understand better how people can easily fall under specific influence. And how it can be mastered!!

  22. Dione Hazelrig

    I liked it so much I bought the hard copy too
    Would you listen to Influencer again? Why?

  23. Gisela W.

    Self help concepts that look at actual results
    The authors actually refer to real work examples and results. I found it very helpful.

  24. Rafael Buzon

    Very interesting and cover all the techniques and concepts with a lot of examples. Ir goes in the same path as “Switch”

  25. Brittaney A.

    Must have
    Game changer. No quick fixes but a paradigm shifter. Research based and practice proven this book can change anything. Go team!

  26. Isaac B.

    changed my life!
    I used some of the insight and skills taught in this book to influence myself to quit smoking. also really helped in the work place, family life, and relationships. be warned if these concepts are abused they can lead to trouble.

  27. Jon

    VERY Repetative
    This is highly anecdotal and many of the anecdotes are highly improbable making me highly question the information. A one page summary with bullet points would have sufficed.

  28. Heidi S.

    one of the best
    This was one of the best book on influence and personal change I have read.

  29. Carl I.

    A wealth of knowledge! Listen at normal spotted!
    A great book filled with a wealth of knowledge, research, and real-world examples. Provides an array of tools and strategies to help in every area of life: business, family, and social settings! The author reads it very matter-of-factly, and quickly moved though the book. At times I had to stop to let principles “sink in” or rewind sections multiple times to fully understand what was being relayed. Overall a great book!

  30. Gerald C.

    Easy to listen to.
    Lots of examples. Seems practical.
    Would now like to check out some of the others in the series. Highly recommend.

  31. Pablo Maphis

    A++ Excellent in Every Way
    Narrator, structure, content, presentation, all memorable, solid technique, applicable, and worthy of careful study.
    Anyone who plans to make a difference — including experienced change agents — can benefit from this useful and responsibly researched book.

  32. Cammy Spoto

    Good Listen
    I quite liked this book.
    Can easily be applied to everyday life by looking at the vital behaviours

  33. Laverne Baugatz

    Too much blah blah
    Would you try another book from the authors and/or Eric Conger?

  34. Drema Hensley

    I’m not a Self-Help” book reader but…..
    If you could sum up Influencer in three words, what would they be?

  35. Raul Casuscelli

    Will listen again
    I really enjoyed this book. Will listen again because it is hard to remember it all….I should have taken notes!

  36. Aundrea Stinton

    Best Audio Book Ever!
    If you could sum up Influencer in three words, what would they be?

  37. Newton Ellamar

    Inspirational and eye opening
    Where does Influencer rank among all the audiobooks you’ve listened to so far?

  38. Joe

    Effective tips for mastering Influence
    A moderately engaging self-development book that will help you master techniques on influence. Worth a credit.

  39. Cleotilde Mateen

    Great listen
    loved it a great listen, another way to help with team building and working with others

  40. Sharita Cappelli

    Seemed promising. Ended up to be boring.
    Just a book that tells by short story examples how some people manages to solve problems by influencing people. The book does not give any methods or techniques to do so. I got tired of the stories about the Guinea Worm. It was read quite boring. The book and reader didn’t manage to grab my attention and I often wandered off with my thoughts because of that. I did manage to listen to the whole book, but I can’t say much of it ‘stuck’ in my mind.

  41. Alex Launer

    Solid book, much more a resource than just a book
    Would you recommend this audiobook to a friend? If so, why?

  42. Iva Mendillo

    Useful Listen
    Any additional comments?

  43. Lanny Genovese

    Would you listen to Influencer again? Why?

  44. Korey Ziegenfuss

    This is a very boring audio book. The author beats around the bush & repeats himself so many times. The worst audiobook I have downloaded.

  45. David

    Interesting But Hard To Stay Engaged
    This book has a lot of good information in it, but it is not always the most interesting. I could see reading this book in a paper format as a better alternative. Note taking is one issue that a paper book would be more convenient.

  46. John B.

    Takes awhile to get going
    I struggled to make it through the fist half of this book, I am not sure why, but somewhere around the halfway point it really started to speak to me. In my opinion this is not a great book, but it is a very good book.

    It contains many insights into what influences our behaviors and decisions. I guess I really don’t have a lot to say about this book. I feel like I learned something from it and that it was worth my time listening to it, but it did not make a significant impression on me.

  47. Cindy Villegas

    Loved the Thought Process!
    Learning to exude influence effectively is at the core of everything I want to be. I am certain this book will help.

  48. Mei Harlin

    Smug & self-promoting.
    The first chapter is devoted totally to proclaiming, but not demonstrating, that the book will teach you amazing secrets about increasing your influence over people and events. It moves from there to over-hyping the “amazing” “influencers” the authors introduce. The heaps of unrestrained praise will provoke skepticism in all but the most credulous listener.

    It’s possible that there’s something useful to be learned later in this book, but the wide-eyed, unscientific approach – even when the authors talk about experts who are introduced as having strong scientific credentials – make it impossible to know what to take seriously. If evidence matters to you, don’t buy this book.

  49. Diedre Paskel

    Very powerful content!
    This is a book that’s worth it’s weight in gold. If you are in the change business it is a must read!

  50. Retta Stubbolo

    Great listen for anyone in any industry
    The author does a very good job of painting a picture and bridging experience gab that the reader may have. The author does not assume all readers are from the same walk of life.

  51. Monte Beeson

    Great ideas for understanding/creating influence
    Would you listen to Influencer again? Why?

  52. Terry Hoth

    good stuff
    I really enjoyed this book.I recommend it to anyone engaged in troubleshooting issues within their organization.

  53. Herschel Alper

    Excellent, easy actionable steps
    Would you consider the audio edition of Influencer to be better than the print version?

  54. Joe Sakry

    Influencer: The Power to Change Anything
    I loved this book. plenty of stories and examples of what authors are talking about. This is a book I could read again.

  55. Bronwyn Spannuth

    Part of My Routine
    Not only is the content logical and helpful to me, but I listen to this audio book every morning when I wake up at 6. The information helps my brain awake and keeps me in tune with my goals. Change Anything and Influencer are my bible.

    I exercise, I eat better, I finally have a consistent sleeping schedule and, just yesterday, I was recognized at my job for my work achievements, all due to acting on the strategies from these two books.

    I am not good at sitting down to plan for strategies, find the viral behaviors, etc, and I still manage great personal improvements by using awareness and remembering this book in the moment. Therefore, I vouch for this book wholeheartedly because it is likely you can make use of it to a larger extent than I have so far.

    Warning, influencing others is tougher for me. I have successfully used some techniques, but if you seek great changes on others, you will have to seriously plan how to apply the strategies on this book. It takes great time and effort, but it is worth it.

  56. Ben Bertrano

    Powerful ! See your world differently .
    This empowered me to see my world differently enabling me to create change. It is a book of possibilities for progress. It helped me to take principles and generate possibilities in my own environment.

  57. Brain Birton

    Good interesting read with practical advise
    Just like all the audiobooks I listen and all the books I read. You’ve got to listen many times over and over to grasp all the valuable info. I love the fact they reference with facts all the tools they provide. Great read/listen

  58. Grant Losinger

    Engineer Success: Focus on key behaviors
    Would you listen to Influencer again? Why?

  59. Rosana Voice

    The promise of the book is huge: how to become a master influencer. In the end it is delivered, but not how you might anticipate. Being a very good influencer is not an easy formula, technique or trick, but requires a thorough understanding of all elements that influence (hence the title) human behavior. As the authors declare, there are six vital sources you should all comprehend as to how they affect us, ordered in 3 groups of 2: motivation and ability on a personal level, a group/social level and a structural/systemic level. This provides a broader framework compared to other bestsellers like Drive, Tipping Point, Wisdom of Crowds and so forth. The framework guides you in a logical way to get a full understanding of the elements of influence. A very good listen! Only drawback is the narrator who emphasizes points a bit too frequent, but not to the point it gets annoying.

  60. Adam Prich

    Life changing
    May sound a little cliché, but the tools that I learned in this book have definitely improved my confidence leading change strategies.
    A must read for anyone who is in a position where they want to improve systems, communities, or people.

  61. Debroah Alphonso

    Immediate Benefit
    This book had an immediate positive effect on my ability to influence change within my organization. I’ve listened to it twice now and I don’t expect this to be my last.

  62. Jeanetta Wiggen

    It has been inspiring
    For those like who have experienced many of the barriers listed in this writing, it is worth reading such good new perspectives around prior things that need to come into place in the organization to actually make change real. Good stories to illustrate things taken down to earth and the field.

  63. Kathey Schimler

    If there is a point, I couldn’t find it
    I tried a couple of times to get into this, but I couldn’t get past the bizarre interpretation of the Serenity Prayer and the obviously false examples. No one with any skill in critical thinking reviewed this before it was published. The kind of book that gives self-help and motivational literature a bad name — just a guy talking to himself.

  64. Maribeth Hu

    Great Researches
    I was driven by the authors’ previous title Crucial Confrontation where they give many practical examples and enriches their concept. This book is no exception and I benefited alot from practical examples across the globe given by the well researched authors.

  65. Matt B

    Fascinating exploration of human behavior.
    Fascinating book! The examples and explanations of the principles governing the behavior of large groups of people constantly surprised me. It’s almost like Freakonomics, but which much more in-depth and data-driven analysis.

  66. Kenneth Arenales

    Missing one crucial point
    There is influence and there is control. I thing this book confuses the two. You can’t control whether or not people listen to you. You could drive yourself insane trying to control the outcome.

  67. Michal Ellerbrock

    Ever Wanted to Influence the Outcome of a Decision
    Learn some very valuable skills that can help you in your personal as well as your professional life. The contents of this book will guide you through some very real examples and common situations to help you understand how these skills will work in your life. Very well written and thought out!

  68. Kia Neblett

    How to help yourself and others.
    The overall text was a great mix of research, examples and encouragement. The author bought some fairly technical research to an everyday Joe level of explanation. His writing is on par with Covey from an audio book perspective to me. Not too long, a great listen on a business trip.

  69. Johnnie Hady

    Great skill builder
    If you’re a leader and want or need to make changes in your organization, this is a must read. The authors give real, evidence-based, and practical explanations of the things you need to do if you want to do it right and make the changes stick.

  70. Merrill Guyll

    inspiring, insightful and practical. r
    a book every leader should read. Practical no BS. unlike many others full of rhetoric

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