[Download] In the Forests They Whisper By Laura Celna

In the Forests They Whisper

By: Laura Celna
Length: 382 pages
Release date: Dec 22, 2013
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A two day hiking trek in the Tasmanian wilderness rapidly turns into a battle for their lives, as Carolyn and her friends are attacked by a gang of otherworldly, dagger-wielding bandits, known as the Hiragni. When Carolyn comes close to being captured by one of these assailants she finds an unlikely rescuer in Prince Lucian. He is the handsome and powerful ruler of the Grians, who allow her entry into their spell-bound, hidden forest realm where she is safe from harm. Being a nineteen year old university student, she is mesmerized by the culture of this tall, graceful race and their superhuman abilities. She soon learns though that there is a catch for her to regain her freedom. Grian prophecy states that she is the “chosen one”, the person who is to liberate these folk from their earthly existence by opening a portal which will allow them to return to their homeland. As Carolyn is drawn into the quest to fulfill this prophecy, she finds she must develop three special powers, as well as fight off the constant threat by the Hiragni and their enigmatic leader, Lord Mercurion. In the process she falls in love and finds a way to mesh her 21st century upbringing with the ancient traditions of this mystical race.

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