[Download] In the Bleak Midwinter By Anne B. Walsh

In the Bleak Midwinter

By: Anne B. Walsh
Length: 117 pages
Release date: Nov 28, 2013
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Anne B. Walsh presents five tales inspired by Christina Rossetti's classic poem, perfect for reading by the light of your Yuletide fire:
"Frosty Wind Made Moan": Join twins Catling and Kitten on the world of Trycanta as they prepare for their family's Darknight ritual.
"Nor Earth Sustain" (by Elizabeth Conall): If Jetta just keeps trying, can she find her stranded starship's crew a home in time for the holidays? Or is their hope as lost to them as war-torn Earth?
"Enough": Unless twelve-year-old Starsong can prove to the galactic lawkeepers that her abduction from the music-hating planet of her birth was a willing one, she'll be "home" for Christmas.
"With a Kiss": The man who wishes to win Countess Nadia Yastruba must first learn and speak her secret name. As 1786 gives way to 1787, will handsome highwayman Kieran Massey succeed?
"What Can I Give Him?": Gentle-mage Matthias Lecomte is granted his Christmas wish: one day free of his father's hatred...

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