[Download] I Cried a Tear By Jean-Luc Roy

I Cried a Tear

By: Jean-Luc Roy
Length: 229 pages
Release date: Nov 24, 2013
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The time period leading up to the revolution by Fidel Castro, and his comrades in arms was filled with intrigues. Fifth column action and guerilla warfare against Batista, his Generales and the gangsterismo went on for a number of years, till victory was achieved.

Although Batista's junta was considered the most corrupt and the biggest abuser of human rights in the southern hemisphere by the American administration; they continued to back him since he was a known quantity. On the flip side, Castro was on a quest for a just society, and the connotation of such a pursuit made them nervous. For although it resonated with American ideals; the reality is that they sat on their wallet and the thicker it was the more it hurt, because of the large American holdings in Cuba.

They thought Castro a communist when in reality he was a socialist; thus forcing him to align himself with Russia and China. Hence, becoming a made in America communist by those who loathe them, and as such creating a political irony of sort.

As a liaison officer between Castro and the CIA, Gabriel was caught in the middle, since the CIA played both sides. However, the romantic involvement between him and an American singer implicated her in an intricate entanglement against Batista.

They soon became persona non grata, and they were hunted down by Les Tigres, Batista's instrument of state terror against dissidents. Love rendered them as one; and as they scarcely stayed a step ahead of the secret police, an adventure unfolded.


Jean-Luc Roy

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