[Download] How To Live On 4/5ths Of 2/3rds Of Stuff All By Bert Rowe

How To Live On 4/5ths Of 2/3rds Of Stuff All

By: Bert Rowe
Length: 192 pages
Release date: Sep 22, 2013
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What is How To Survive on 4/5ths of 2/3rds of Stuff All? Only the most important book you'll ever read in your life!! (Author's assessment).

Okay, so that may be a slight exaggeration, but what in the marketing game isn't these days? I mean, if I gave this book to a marketing type to promote, he'd be telling you it's a revolutionary new approach to living written by one of the world's foremost experts in happiness and lifestyle change. And if I used the techniques employed by most of the other self styled guru's, I’d be claiming I have the answer to every problem that life will throw your way between cradle and the grave.

What is it about those people that makes them think they have all the answers? What makes them so bloody smart that they can see “the right way” where us mere mortals flounder and fall in a heap at the feet of life??? At least that’s what I used to think. Until I realised I was one of them. Yep, my mere mortal readers, I am a genius; a guru; one of the 8 wonders of the world (yer, I know....there were only 7, but then I was born.)

So, since I know it all, it makes sense I should tell you how to live your lives. And what better subject than how to live within your budget? Should be a small fortune to be made in playing on the fears of the millions of cash strapped baby boomers....

Seriously folks....can you think of more deserving subjects for having a little fun with than the ‘how to’ and ‘retirement’ industries?? I just couldn't resist. Besides, I had to do something on the way into work on the bus....

If your sense of humor is somewhere between Monty Python and m.a.d. then you should love 4/5th’s of 2/3rd’s. It’s crazy, cringe-worthy and, if you like to laugh at the absurdity of the human condition, bloody funny.

C’mon.....it’s only 4 bucks.....and I really need the money. Otherwise I’m going to have to keep working for a living. If nothing else, buy it because you feel sorry for me......and who knows, it might turn out to have something useful in it.....

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