[Download] House of Glass, Book 2: The Exodus Series By D. Jean Quarles, Austine Etcheverry

House of Glass, Book 2: The Exodus Series

By: D. Jean Quarles, Austine Etcheverry
Length: 236 pages
Release date: Oct 1, 2013
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As Most High Elected, Soluma-Rah of the Astral Zone makes her way across the stars, she instructs all the Beings of her galaxy on how to care for their charges - the young Hu-Mans taken from Earth. Not all the Beings of the other planets are in agreement. Some view the Hu-Mans as Disposables, while others worry how these young people will be used against them.

Mandy Wrightwood flees from Wyoming after an earthquake rocks the world, with an American Bulldog named Charlie. The earth in shambles and her parents dead, her only choice is to go south to a dome in the middle of nowhere.

She heads to Arizona and the Biosphere, where she is told she will be safe. Moments before she can enter, the Yellowstone Super Volcano erupts, sending clouds of ash their way.

Mandy finds herself in a new world, unsure of what her future holds. Charlie keeps her company while she fights to find her place among a small group of survivors.

And in the skies above, there is betrayal, the demise of a planet, and talk of war. Now every Being stands to lose.

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